Julphar: The Top Pharmaceutical Company in MENA

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Health is wealth – this is what we have been told since then. It’s true because a deteriorated health can lead you nowhere. When it comes to this matter, you should trust only the best. When taking medicines, you should only choose those that are manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies.

Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the MENA and Gulf region – delivering medicines to over 40 countries, with sixteen facilities located in the UAE, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia consequently. Julphar established Julphar Diabetes back in 2012, which produced raw material needed for insulin formulation. Julphar Diabetes creates over 40 million vials of insulin per year. This ranks Julphar as one the largest manufacturer of insulin around the world and the only company of its kind in the Middle East.

Being the top pharmaceutical company in MENA and Gulf region, Julphar boasts its 83 registered products that are all sold in over 40 countries which gives positive impact in the global scene. Together with all their partners in the healthcare sectors, they also fund scholarships for educational facilities and health campaigns across MENA.

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