Latest Technologies in Digital Marketing that You Should Watch Out For

digital marketing

There are a lot of advancements in the online marketing now and even for the years to come, we will see significant changes on how it can affect almost everyone involved in it.

As a digital agency in Dubai, we, Dow Group Business Solutions are aware of these latest technologies and we utilize it in our own services as well. Being updated with these advancements put us in a position wherein our differential value is palpable enough which helps us gain a growing number of faithful clients and customers as the years pass by. We are one of the pioneers when it comes to web design in Dubai, the leaders in giving effective web services and solutions to all who need it.

Moreover, if you want your business to grow, you can ask our help and know these latest trends in the world of digital marketing, so not to be left behind in the fast-paced world of online marketing:


If you are not aware of GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, now is the perfect time for you to research about it. The GDPR technically is putting the control of data to your consumers’ hands. Constrictions regarding consumer data collection will be implemented and as a business entity, you should be aware of these changes so that you will be prepared for the changes that you should do in your marketing strategies.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa

These two are voice assistants and as much as it is utilized, the devices and common applications will be more familiar with the voice of the users, hence, voice user interface will now be a used in search engine optimization.

Augmented Reality

If you can remember Pokemon Go, you would know how it became an instant hint – there were millions of downloads sold to all over the world and this is just an indication, the beginning, of the rise of augmented reality that can be used as a marketing campaign and help you in your business strategies.


Chatbots have now enhanced tremendously, years after it was first introduced to the public. Chatbots now can help users in solving complex situations and this can’t totally be ignored in the world of marketing because it is a good way to advertise as well.

These four major technologies that we will soon see in the market will help businesses and organizations function even better. And if you need professional help, we, Dow Group can help you with as we web design Dubai company, and all other solutions that you might need. Kindly contact us at 04 374 84 24