Media Sharing tips on Google+ to benefit your business

With Google+ being on the rise to becoming one of Facebook’s top social media competitors, we decided to share a few media tips that you could try for your business.

Create video content with the help of  ‘Google Hangouts on Air’ to provide audience with live streaming videos. Video content breaks the ice between you and your customers and allows you to build an online relationship with your users, which enhances your online presence.

Video sharing has never been so easy, thanks to YouTube’s direct integration on Google+. Embed YouTube videos directly inside Google+ post to keep your Google+ circle engaged and coming back for more. Gain massive exposure and viral reach through Google+ comment integration with YouTube.

Who doesn’t love images? Share your images and inforgraphics with your circle to attract extra attention to your post and increase your audience. Make sure to add large images to capture the attention of your Google+ users.

Who doesn’t love images that actually MOVE?! Upload and share animated GIFs and cinemagraphs, in other words images that move. Image viewers view GIFS as a normal image that moves. Be sure to upload attention-grabbing and humorous GIFS to make your content stand out and engaging for users.

Take a lot of photos to create a Google+ story, which involves photo timelines generated form images taken at a precise location at a certain time. Share your Google+ story in conjunction with what you are doing to keep users interested in your brand.

Be sure to jump on board the Google+ social media train, to distinguish your online presence.