Microsoft suddenly appearing more on your mobile!

The change seemed to be necessary after a heck of upsets trying to offer credible alternatives to rivalry companies’ mobile applications and seeing highly paid deals sinking.

The thrust to make its mobile operating system, Windows, the new software on your smartphone is still a hectic job, and the more bringing of apps and services to the Apple and Android devices continues to enhance the problem.

Even the new Outlook for the iPhone, Microsoft’s latest mobile app creation, is only a rebranding of the Acompli, and the general manager of Outlook at Microsoft is the former chief executive of Acompli.

But it is not a shame to employ new talents and technologies into the company when rivals are doing the same, so the released new Outlook, a popular email and mobile calendar app, is everything its predecessor was not.
Snappy and for heavy duty mobile users, the new outlook automatically divides emails into two queues: Foxed and Others, ranking them for you in a way that you are able to respond to crucial emails from broad email lists and social media notifications in 24 seconds while keeping the rest that lie in another inbox for further access.

Microsoft is the first and only to sort this way while others decide on what is prior to see and delete other messages. The new Outlook calendar arranges a meeting over e-mail, and with few taps lists free times on your schedule in an email so the recipient can pick one and your meeting is automatically scheduled on your calendar.

So no need to jump out of e-mail to a separate calendar, and also you can find free office- Word, Excel and Power Point- apps available on your mobile including unlimited online storage through One Drive.

As the resolution in cameras increases you become more appreciative of this One Drive app to store your entire pictures, videos, music and other files in the cloud, with no limits.
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