Online Marketing Efforts that matter

Online Marketing Efforts that matter

Online Marketing Effort that matters – Agile Content Marketing as a significant Business Case

One of most important aspects of digital marketing that matters today lies mostly in Content Marketing concept. Building a solid audience rather than merely joining the conventional online race is where content marketing works to emit that real difference. You cannot expect to lead online, nor meeting and/or even exceeding revenues and profit expectation without comprehending that prospective buyers actually are gathering information, imploring peer recommendations, and are making their decisions about you and your competitors. The last thing you need is for those prospective buyers to find no significance difference between you and your competitors. 

We at Dow group do exactly understand how content marketing works for you to stand out. After all, buyers today want to learn before they buy, and the advice goes like be educated rather than be pitched.
Let’s make an important point clear here, you cannot make a good content marketing job if you looked at Content Marketing, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization as three different things. The difference lies in looking at these three aspects as a one holistic strategy with content as its center. 

Then how would we create contents that are impressive and successful enough?

Agile content marketing follows a three-step process: 

-    It starts with a knowledgeable guess toward the client’s content strategy.
-    Creating and releasing a bit of flawed contents.
-    Constant Optimizing based on audience feed-back.

This very approach encourages a methodical execution and a never ending innovation, and it consists of five different steps:

1.    Research
This is the phase of the process where you’re making your own educated guesses. Those guesses come primarily from general market research into who you’re trying to reach, what they’re currently buying, what they need to learn to solve their problems and/or satisfy their desires, and how that relates to a general class of products or services they want to buy.

2.    Release
Research is vital, but at some point you need to settle on the overall positioning of your website, and start putting content out. You don’t need a theater or stadium-sized audience, just the equivalent of a small comedy club. Even then, you’re going to have to work to get your content viewed and shared enough to generate meaningful feedback. 

3.    Optimize
The first three steps are repeated endlessly for the life of a project, just like the evolving editorial focus of a magazine, production cycle of a TV series, or career of a stand-up comedian, Mistakes are made and pivots performed. But you will also discover the content that is fundamentally crucial to your website, which can be organized and optimized as a constant workhorse for your content marketing efforts. 

4.    Connect
In this sense, connection refers to the relationships, alliances, and networks you build in order to spread your content and grow your audience at an accelerated rate. From guest blogging for related sites, to content promotion partnerships, to the growth of your social networks, you must work constantly to get your content the maximum exposure it deserves. 

5.    Repeat
Iteration is the act of repeating and refining a process in order to reach a certain result. In Mathematics, it means taking the output of a function and using that result as the starting point of the next function. Likewise, with content, the results (comments, shares, links, etc.) you receive from a certain content topic or type fuels the approach you take with the content you produce next. Plus, your industry and audience will be constantly evolving, giving you an endless opportunity to express your fundamental audience optimized topics in new and interesting ways.

Content Marketing therefore, is a continual process, and is not at all a one-time strategy. We at Dow Group help you make the best out of it and save you the burden and costs of an ineffective traditional marketing and advertising. 

Are you ready for a world of real-time?