Review: Top Web Design Companies in 2014

There are many benefits you can get from building your own business website, from marketing tools to an ultimate corporate branding tool. However, at the front line, your business website works as ‘official’ representation of your business which increases the importance of having a perfect business website. For this purpose, there are two available solutions: either you ask someone from your company to build, design, and manage the website or trust someone else from outside your company to handle the task. If you see that the second option is more eligible than the first one, then you would probably come to a web design company. Yes, for this matter, these companies are the best solution you have, but do you know which company you should visit?

In some cases, even though businesses have the ‘correct’ intention to build a perfect website for their business, they cannot realize the dream just because they do not know where to go. For this reason, we provide you with top web design companies in 2014. We use several parameters to assess their worth for your business.


[1] Big Drop
There is only one reason people come to BigDrop. They have heard about the company reputation in attention to details. It is easy for them to meet all your precise web specifications even the smallest one. With vast web design experiences it has, designing any website type has never been a problem to them. In addition to its service, this company also offers extra service in designing your company logo which is a tantalizing offer especially for new businesses. With various services it offers to its clients, it makes sense when people claim that Big Drop is one place where you can get everything for your business.


[2] Blue Fountain Media
Most people who ever come to Blue Fountain Media claim that this is the only place throughout the internet where you can find all help you need for your business from direct conversation. It means that Blue Fountain Media does not require you to fill a form that contains information about your website specification. Instead, one of its agents will come to you and directly speak to you about the matter. Both of you then will determine each aspect you need, not only in making a perfect website for your customers, but also a perfect website to boost your business. After both of you have determined the complete web specifications, the agent will then guide you through the whole web designing process and give you the result once the company has completed it. However, there is one big weakness of Blue Fountain Media. The company do requires you to fill and sign a specific intent agreement before the agent gives you precise cost you should pay for the service. Well, the surprise does not end there. Most companies which ever asked help from this company complaint about the cost which they think is too expensive for small companies, even though it does the contrary with medium to large companies.


[3] Webvanta
Unlike Big Drop and Blue Fountain Media, Webvanta is a web design company that chooses to deal only with marketing and corporate websites. So, you should not expect any help to build your personal website from this company. From its business segment, you should have been able to predict their service cost. Webvanta charges $5,000 as the minimum rate which means it can go higher than this rate if a project involves complicated specifications. However, even though for some companies the rate is too high, Webvanta offers one promising thing for your website. It will have interesting and intuitive website interface that will ‘speak’ to your visitors the reason to come and stay at your website, even though the offer does not end at this point. In addition, the company offers superb design and precise realization of your web specification. These three aspects are crucial to any business. However, due to the cost the company applies, there are only few companies (mostly large companies) which are able to afford the service. Two other services Webvanta does not offer are blog and video content. So, if you are looking either of them or even both of them, then you should go somewhere else including if you want to have a logo for your business. Even though Webvanta include this service at its service package, it actually hires someone else from outside the company to do the job.