Search engine optimization forensic and reason behind its importance

At Dow Group, there is only one business principle we apply: quality service. Unless we found ourselves not qualified  in having the resources we need, it is such an absurd thing for us not to deliver the best service to you, including when you ask high-quality search engine optimization service for your website. Unlike some providers that may only offer you the ‘standard’ services, we believe each customer we have is worth for the best service. While other companies may only offer you the standard search engine optimization service, we believe you are worth for better service than the standard one. Therefore, we offer you the SEO forensic service.

It is no longer a weird thing when people come to us and ask about SEO forensic. Well, we at Dow Group must admit that this is not an ordinary service in SEO world. I think a simple analogy from a medical world will help you to understand this kind of forensic.
Let's see the specific thing that happens in our life. It is a common thing when a doctor asks for an X-ray or lab test before giving appropriate treatment to his/her patient or when a mechanic asks for a test drive before ordering the auto parts. Many people who get a website of their own want to restore their website rank they previously lost without having the obligation to determine the reason behind the loss. This situation is likely similar to preliminary lab test or test driving

We need a proper website diagnosis
It is always good news when you lose your website ranking, but there is no time for grieving. A proper website diagnosis is mandatory when something changes on your website. You must find the exact reason behind Google and other search engine’s decision in giving penalty to your website or other possible sanctions. Please remember you will require different treatment for each different cause you get.

In addition, no matter which case you get, it is mandatory for you to know which particular impact your website gets. Does it come from Penguin or Panda? Does the sentence come as pure penalty due to your spam content or cloaking issue? Is it truly a dampening of website algorithm? If that is your case, what kind of the particular algorithm brings the impact?

Website diagnosis often becomes the most-common area of website owners’ confusion. It speaks about how you identify a problem. However, since the diagnosis stands as the first step, even a tiny error can bring you to greater problems than you expected. Do it carefully, or you will only lose more money and time than you have currently lost. 

What is the difference between a dampener and penalty?
If getting the penalty is truly the first time you come to this subject, then it is likely its whole elements will only turn to a big puzzle for you, including how it may affect your website. Pick the most-natural part to start learning about this issue or you will only get yourself lost in the jungle of questions. Now, if you ask my personal opinions about the easiest part, it will recognize the difference between a dampener and penalty. 

You will know the sanction you get is a penalty when there is a penalty notice in your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard. If you believe Google have sanctioned your website, but you cannot see a penalty notice, and it is likely Google has decided to dampen your website.
In fact, you can engage the dampeners through several ways. Among these ways, there are some methods that often become the most-common methods. Some of them including:
• Reducing the amount of outbound links from a particular website
• Reducing the amount of outbound link for particular anchor text with specification on keyword
• Reducing the indexing chance for specific pages
• Reducing the indexing chance for the particular keyword

What should you do now?
Finally! You have arrived to specific tasks from which you can expect positive results to come. After getting confirmation from Google or other search engines whether your site gets penalty or dampening issue as well as its relevant cause, you can proceed to take well-considered corrective actions.

If your website gets dampening impact, you may proceed to correct the problem and to wait until the re-crawling process completes. It will stand enough as the solution. However, if your case is manual penalty, you many need manually to fixing each issue. Then ask for re-consideration from Google through relevant request submission.

The above comparisons clearly show you about how each sanction possibility can affect your website and action you must take. Recognizing which sanction you get is crucial because this action stands as the only way you can earn detailed information about how Google (as well as another search engine) looks at your website. If you ask my opinion, SEO Forensic is the best way which can help you with the analysis.

Who can perform SEO forensic analysis?
Search engine optimization forensic has basic similarities with other areas of website optimization. You need particular expertise before you can perform the task. That is the reason, before you can get efficient and optimum result for your website, you need an SEO-forensic specialist to do the job. At least, you need someone whom you believe has the following specifications:
• Familiarity with SEO guidelines
• Expertise in SEO algorithms and how it understands a website data
• Familiarity with search engine standards in both website quality and practices, including its definition of natural search engine optimization methods
• Expertise in implementation of both practical and acceptable website-corrective techniques

There is one fact about SEO forensic: this is a dangerous job. Therefore, you need serious person to handle the tasks. You do not need someone who only cares about the money or someone who cannot devote his or her full-time for the job. You need someone who get passion on the job and can dedicate his or her full time for it. The reason is simple: time and passion are crucial if you have the true concern to get the most-optimum result, especially when Google almost never gives specific information about how their algorithms work to public. That is the reason you need someone with a passion on this subject which will certainly get the outstanding testing and observation skills.

Like general physician who focuses on how to keep you healthy or an oncologist who focuses on the particular cause that killing you, the main responsibility of SEO forensic as well as SEO experts in general rests at the opposite side of the scale. People with SEO and SEO forensics will only come to the overlapping point after they completed the job.

At that specific moment, the SEO forensic will start his or her job with removing or correcting commonly-offending aspects of your website. When your legal expert has completed the task, the main job as a forensic is complete and he/she should only apply the standard SEO practices for the remaining part.

What will you get after the specialist completes his/her work?
Once your SEO-forensic specialist completed his or her work, you cannot expect immediate major changes to come. Even though when your specialist work on your site to fix the algorithmic dampening or manual penalty, all their actions will only bear slight changes if you expect an immediate result. There are some changes they made, that is the fact, but you will not be able to recognize the changes unless you have a similar background with your specialist. 

Let’s take two examples. If you get particular case on Penguin algorithm which explicitly deals with the presence of unnatural links on your website, your specialists will only render the offending links by the time he/she realizes the presence of a penalty notice at your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. Disavowing or removing these offending links will only regain no equity for your website pages.

At the other side, when you get Panda penalty, it is likely you can spot the after-process differences easier than Penguin, but only if you pay close attention both to the process and its changes. However, most cases show that SEO-forensic specialists need to combine more than one SEO techniques simultaneously to deal with the penalty. Unless you pay close attention to each technique your forensic specialist used, it will be very onerous to perceive the change.