Simple tips in increasing deliverability of your e-mail marketing

It is the absolute thing e-mail marketing has turned into something similar to car driving. When we use e-mail marketing, we do not need to master everything about it, including its working procedure, its usability, and other relevant things. So, it is very simple. When we do e-mail marketing, choosing the file holds the first place in our to-do list. Then, we have to craft our marketing message. Only after we have completed both stages, we can send this message to people around the world and track how the world reacts to the news. Well, all these steps do not apply when all messages you get breaks down and back then you want to re-learn about the basic again! Well, that is how your message can move. Like any other aspects in your business, message you deliver can break down in natural ways even while you are still delivering the message. Usually, it happens when your target audiences mistakenly understand your message and unfortunately consider it as spam.

Luckily, we get spam filters. These tools come as the solution that will make our life better than before. However, as marketers, sometimes we get frustrated on this subject if spam blocks the road our e-mail takes. Spam filters help us in eliminating the blockade. That is the easiest, yet fastest way to understand this feature. However, all marketers should also learn about everything we can do in boosting our ride or maybe tune it to its optimum performance.
Let’s see some simple tips we can use in increasing the deliverability of our e-mail marketing.

Tag it

You can use the alt attribute (or we commonly known as an alt tag) to help your readers in viewing the image you deliver to them within your e-mail. You should provide this feature. It acts as prevention step if e-mail provider blocks images in the e-mail. Alternatively, you should provide it if your target readers have visual impair. Image alt tag is the description of the image you attach on your e-mail in HTML code.
Let’s take an example. Let’s assume you attached an image that shows your readers a mechanic is under a car. In this case, the most appropriate alt tag for the image should be ‘mechanic under car’ or other similar tags. For the HTML tag, you should make it like this: <img src=”garage.gif”alt=”mechanic under car”>.
Please note that garage.gif is your image filename.

Here is my recommendation. You should add alt attributes to images in your marketing e-mail. Even if you come with no experience in HTML, you can still add this attribute by using your e-mail marketing software or asking someone with that background to do the job. Your audiences need these tags because it helps them in understanding image in your e-mail even though when they cannot see them.
Furthermore, these spam filters we use are not capable to ‘see’ the images we attach on the e-mail. However, these filters can ‘read’ alt attributes we put on the image. So, they are crucial.

Leave the cut-and-paste habit

If you use a software for your e-mail marketing purpose, do not simply cut the text you get from MS Word and paste it directly into your e-mail. Yes, this action will save your time, but do you realize how it will mess up HTML code you get in your e-mail? It is you may have different font types and sizes between your Word text and HTML code. The easiest way to avoid the mess is by converting text you get into the same ‘language’ HTML code uses. Well, you do not need to download the particular tool for this purpose because Notepad will show you the perfect ways in ‘transforming’ your MS-Words text into raw text, no matter how many formatting you did for the text in MS Word. After getting the raw text, you can paste them into your e-mail marketing software. Once you have pasted the content into your software, you can perform extra formatting you believe as necessary.

Be authentic

Most internet service providers use series of the unique combination of various methods they use for e-mail authentication purpose. They use these methods to determine whether they can trust your domain which you use to send emails to your target audiences. They need to know whether you are someone whom they can trust or not.
Here is my recommendation. Go to dashboard of your marketing software and make sure you have checked the “Enable authentication”. This is the exact feature you need to boost your e-mail deliverability. When you enabled this feature, your service provider would have access to acting on your behalf in ‘signing’ your content and send them to your target audiences.

For your information, the world we know today has four different authentication methods. They vary among Sender ID, SPF, DKIM, and DomainKeys. For the good of your marketing message and the office, you should have chosen a service provider that has certification in applying all these protocols and act on your behalf.


Default website domain ESPs use has no link either to your brand or even your company name. As the result, some of your e-mail subscribers may not trust e-mail you sent to them and felt suspicious on it. In fact, the same thing will also happen to particular anti-spam software and services. It is similar when you reject a call when you do not know the caller. Most people will only open e-mail they received if they know the sender. Being familiar with the sender is the first reason they do not throw the message into their trash folder.
Here is my recommendation. You should get a personalized name for your domain and make sure the domain should become available in software you use for e-mail marketing. Now, here comes the fact. This domain will not only make people trust your content more than ever, but also, you will become easier to identify, professional, and trustworthy than other businesses that choose not to get their professional domain.

Use and optimize double opt-in

Before you send any marketing message to your subscribers, you need to know that they have an interest to read your content. So, it is not just because they found proof of your domain being very attractive. So, how you decide whether they have the feeling or not?
When people ‘decided’ to receive your e-mail, it is possible that they clicked the button because they did it inadvertently. That is the reason I put the ‘decided’ word in quotes. Well, you do not need to ask them to click hundreds of times just to make sure they are serious with your content. Just ask them to confirm once again before they can receive your e-mail. Double confirmation is enough for this purpose, and both of you can move further in giving benefits for each other.

Avoid spammy content

Writing ‘nice’ words is normal, but sometimes there are specific words people do not like. People hate these words. We know these words as spam. So, unless you do mind respecting your subscribers, you should keep your e-mail free from these spam words. We are talking about lots of capital letters, exclamation marks, useless colors, inappropriate phrases, useless styles, and other similar things. Let’s make it simple. You may only send messages to your subscribers, but in order to gain their respect and trust over your brand, treat each message you send to them as you are currently speaking with them. Speak in their way. Honor them with polite words and they will surely give their trust over your brand, not your competitors.

Honor the law

Yes, you are doing the business on the network, but it does not mean you are untouchable by law. Even the internet has its rule, and you must abide it. Both local and national laws should become your concern. It even includes some international laws may apply at your place. Live in harmony with the law or your subscribers will soon find out that they are following a ‘criminal.’

Watch the ratio of your text-to-image

People would consider your text dodgy if they found out there are too man images in your e-mail, but there is ‘insufficient’ text in the same body. If I may give one simple suggestion to you, give only one paragraph of text as ‘companion’ to each image you have.

Wake up the sleepers

If you get high-quality content, you believe they will bring great benefits to everyone, then everyone is worth for the quality content even for some of your subscribers who ‘choose’ not to read your e-mails for range of time. If you want to help them with your content, ask them politely their reasons for not reading your content anymore. Remember one thing: do it politely because these ‘sleepers’ are still your friends and precious asset. Once you get the reason, ask them whether they still have interest in joining the discussion. If somehow they chose not to become your subscriber anymore, thank them for their interest and wish them a bright future.

Key Takeaway

Everything is worthy in business as long as it brings positive impact to your current state. It becomes more worthy than just theories if it concerns on building your business reputation by gaining trusts from your customers. How can you do it? Your inbox and spam filters are the answer.