Smart Internet Marketing for True Traffic

Most web designers and website bloggers miss the mark on some of the most important components that make a 21st century business work online. Well, actually success rest on four basic pillars and that should not be a secret anymore;

•    Relationships
•    Direct Response Copywriting
•    Content Marketing
•    High Quality Products

Each pillar enhances the others. Together they are much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing.

Relationships: If some thinks that Contents are king, well, they are mistaken, actually Relationships are king. How?

Call it a list or a village, your village asks more from you, but they are also more loyal to you, and you should treat these people as your asset. That means the combined total of all people who read or listen or watch your content regularly. Your blog community, your email list, your customer list, your twitter followers – all of it.
So every time you have a business decision to make, you make it with this in mind: How does this decision affect my relationship with my village? It’s how you decide what products to offer and how often to post. It’s how you decide whether or not to run an article by a guest writer. I’s how you choose your affiliates.

Direct Response Copywriting: which is used by direct marketers to trigger very specific responses from reader. First thing you should understand is that copywriting and contents are 2 different things. Related, but different. One thing they do have in common, though, is that they both need fantastic headlines. The job of headlines is to get the first line of your copy read. Great headlines, those like tabloids in supermarket as if written by morons, grab smart copywriters mind, because cheesy tabloids employ some of the greatest headlines writers in the business.

Great headlines can do tricky things like make people want to Plus, Share, re-Tweet. So don’t always use headlines to deliver your biggest promise or communicate a customer benefit.
You image caption, or the first paragraph is the second-level headline you see in a post, and this along with the headline are the most read elements of any kind of copy.

Content Marketing: Contents are written to create trust, familiarity, and warm feelings in audience, while copywriting is to persuade a reader to take a certain action. A smart 21st century strategy utilizes both. Used together, direct response copywriting and social-media style content are much more powerful than either one used independently.

Most popular ways to use content are through attracting attention in a specific market place and get potential customers to find you. Don’t be tempted by auto blogging programs that promises keyword focus blog without any work! Google is getting smarter to devalue and even ban outright.  So the lesson is, if you are not a terrific writer yourself, find someone who is.

Great contents create a high level of trust and educate your potential client about all the benefits of doing business with you. To make sure your readers are not tuning you out, shape your content so that it rewards the reader for taking the time to consume it. This is called cookie content and it is a corner stone of what makes content marketing work.

High Quality Products: to state it simple, those are unique products that are well known and have proven international reputation for excellent quality and value worth. Those products have certain competitive advantages and prove continuity by balanced development and renovation.

At Dow Group we understand exactly complications of smart internet marketing, and work with you to proceed toward better results so that you if you didn’t find a prospect buyer now, he will find interest in your products or services soon. Smart internet marketing puts contents into a system that is able to pull your potential customers closer, and at Dow Group that’s what we do.

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