Social Media: Changing Traditional Marketing

What comes to your mind when you first think of social media? what does social media mean to us users? Some think it’s the new way to connect with people and reconnect with old friends. Social media has become almost vital in our everyday lives, we use social media in several ways for several occasions, whether we’re just having lunch, we quickly share it on Instagram or whether we are having a bad day we try to relate on Facebook.

But have you thought of the vital role social media plays for marketing your business?

Social media has become a necessity to your brand, by helping you promote it, building a  strong customer relationships, getting on the spot feedback for any message or effort you communicate through social media sites.

Social media has tremendously helped us in marketing a brand, idea or a business enabling us to create a one-of-a-kind buzz that quickly travels from one user to the other giving us massive exposure.

Social media has facilitated a cost free and easy way to build strong customer relationships by creating value for customers. Think about Instagaram… Retailers have succeeded in creating value for their customers by using Instagram and asking consumers to post a photo of themselves using or wearing their product. These photos help retailers to easily communicate with their consumers whilst gaining massive exposure on the internet

Social media has forced us to rethink traditional marketing efforts and allowed us to communicate efficiently and effectively with our consumers, helping our businesses and brands to grow.