Social Media trends in 2014 and how they can affect your franchise

In all aspects in our life, learning is an absolute key to success. It is a universal rule no one can deny, especially in the business world. Your ability in reading everything will determine both your success and the fate of your business, even though the subject may have no relationship at all with your niche. In this specific case, it is your franchise we are talking. Among many aspects a successful franchise person should learn, internet and social media are two crucial things you should never lose from your priority list. Their primary ‘function’ is to let people know about your business, but from the following points you will soon know actual benefits they offer to your franchise business. Give thanks to Dow Group, a successful digital marketing business in UAE, that revealed the secret to you.

Unlike Facebook or other large social media companies which quickly pursue their path to success, Vine chooses a slower path than many social media companies in common. When Instagram made its debut in introducing video as social media feature, many people started to ask about how Vine would survive. We do not have adequate resources that show us what exact strategies Vine implement to keep their 6-seconds video policy as their main strength. However, fact shows us that even though other social media offer longer duration than Vine, people still show their interest with the path Vine chooses.

Advanced technology
Everyone wants a better life than we currently have. No matter which life we choose to live, whether personal or business, this unique thing has become our nature. That is the reason we look for alternatives that will bring us to a brighter future than today. Both science and technology discoveries are our keys to reach this dream life. Today’s devices, such as Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Smart Watch, automotive driving, and other advanced inventions give us the light of hope that it would not take a long time until the thought comes. However, at the other side, advanced technology also becomes another great challenge all businesses should face. When science and technology have helped people in increasing their life quality, people will start looking for better service and product from companies. It means that, unless your franchise looks for extinction, you should start both learning and optimizing science and technology not only to support your franchise activities, but also in manufacturing better product and service you currently have.

Studies show that people will give higher respect to a company that can give them specific service they exactly need than just a business which offers ‘general’ service to its customers. This fact raises the importance of location-based services. Many companies, especially social media companies, have been trying to bring this service into realities, such as Facebook with its location-based ads and posts, Foursquare with its check-in feature, and other related services. This feature saves people’s time in searching appropriate service they need which can only come from companies with high respect and honor to their customers. Using location-based services will drain your business budget faster than if you do nothing, but at the same time it offers one step closer to success.

Instagram video content
InstaVideo still has its name, even though many of its competitors try to grab its position, including Vine video. Video duration and editing becomes two strong points that people will always remember from Instagram. These features allow people to upload video that the term is longer than six seconds; create advertisements, and other videos they like. Optimizing this feature for your franchise unit will take people come to your business and make a profit to you.

Hashtag has become an identity of social media and; therefore; it will never go anywhere else. Hashtag allows people to express their idea and seek any unique information they want across various social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Vine and other social media. Your business will provide help for people to search about your business if you provide it with the hashtag. It increases your franchise unit popularity and in the meantime, it will also generate higher profit than you currently have.

Social searches
Once again, people give higher respect to the corporation that knows what they need. In using social media, people are dreaming about a unique feature that may turn any difference internet social media has with real world to a minimum. This fact about social media platform emerges the importance of social search across social media. Facebook and Google+ have marked their place in this feature development. Facebook comes with its grid feature that allows people to use specific terms for their social search, while Google+ have developed its own +1 feature for the same purpose. Do not worry because you can simply optimize this feature for your business without any need to develop your own feature. By opening your account at social media that has this feature or everything that is similar to it, you have already linked your account to the feature. Now, everyone can learn anything he or she want about your franchise.

Native advertising
Today, native advertising has become the universal, standard feature for most social media platforms. This advanced advertising method will come as notification or information at user’s feeds which generates a more-organic advertising experience.

Lifestyle feed content
Lifestyle feed content brings a total change in information display at various social media platforms. Today, social media platforms choose to teach people specific brands that offer products/service that may get their interest. This condition is entirely different with previous days when social media showed various products/services a brand offers.
Mobile design
Everything is now at your hands. This statement clearly states about primary function of mobile technology. Today, there is no longer attachment between people and personal computer. People can quickly browse the internet without sitting near their computer. With mobile devices, people can access everything at everywhere and anytime. At the other side, this fact emerges the importance of mobile website design for both personal and business websites. The mobile version should not load too long, contain valuable information, and easy to access. They are three important aspects of mobile website design you should concern if you want to bring your franchise business to success.

Collaborations and influencers
You will get better result than you currently have if you work with other people, but without leaving your own business and identity. Various facts across social media platforms have proven this fact. By collaborating with other brands, you will be able to come with a better idea, strategies, and implementations which at the perfect time, will increase the popularity of your business and its profit as well.