Social Networking Myths in Business World  

social networking

Today, with lots of offers it gives to the world especially the business world, all companies are debating about whether they can trust internet to develop their business. Internet, at one side, is too valuable to pass up. However, at the other side, there are risks companies should dead, even though not all of them are real risks. Some of them just even come from pure people’s opinion, like the following myths about business social networking.

1.    You can find everyone on social media

At present day when there is almost no spot in our world which the internet has not reached, it seems possible for people to think that it is easy to find anyone you want to find on the internet, especially on the social media.

However, the latest study on social media and internet revealed that people may need to wait longer than they have been doing. The reason is there are still many places throughout the world that has no access both to the internet and social media.

Knowing the truth about how many people you can find on the social media may become a little ‘painful.’ However, with the huge number of internet users that range between 70 and 80%, they can still become a highly profitable field you can ‘harvest’ for your business.

Simply use a simple method internet users know as search engine optimization to bring people to your business. It is simple, but do require quite a time to show the real result.

2.    The imminent death of social news aggregators

Most social news aggregator websites today do not receive the same amount of media coverage that popular social media websites receive, such as Facebook or Twitter.

However, even though they do experience a ‘tough time,’ some of them are still holding the place like the best place throughout the internet where people can grab any news or information they like. These sites include Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, and other similar websites.

In any social networking myth, there is a strength you can use for your business. The same thing applies with social news aggregator websites. However, before you can perform the strategy, you need to make sure that you have ingratiated people’s heart. Here our challenge begins. For this matter, I will use Digg as an example.

First, you should have an authorized Digg account. Then, choose some people whose attention you want to grab. Please do remember that these people should have Digg group. Visit these people’s Facebook wall and then ask them to send a group invitation for you to become a member of their group. Then ask them to exchange the vote for Digg links both of you have. Do remember that you should perform all these activities within Facebook because it is not possible to do the job in Digg.

Once you have been the member of the group, try to find articles from other users that the content you like. Do not forget to vote the articles. Once an article gets your vote, it will start to attract other users’ interest to give their vote, too.

3.    You should do everything at your office

One fact about business social networking: most businesses believe that they cannot do the social networking tasks by themselves at their own house just because the suggestion comes from their business consultants. Yes, it is ridiculous, but it is also the fact we have.

Now, if you want to try the opposite, use this keyword on Google search engine: [your product name] social system. You can also use the forum or social media instead of the general social network term. In seconds, Google will display some results to you.

Learn some sites you find at the first page and find out how active each website, forum, social media, or social network is as well as how good its thread and comment quality is.

You can also involve yourself to become an active member of the groups and give active participation. Whenever you post a helpful thread or comment to any thread, do not forget to give outbound link to any useful site related to your content. You should act as person who always tries your best to give the best thing to the community, not as a company that only searches for a way to make money. For social media marketing you can reach us.