Social Networking Myths: Some Critical Queations

Sometimes, myths do not only talk about certain topic which truth we know for sure, but also some topics that even an expert have doubt. Here are some critical questions that some companies still believe about social networking. They cover most subjects that we usually ignore such as the importance of blogging for business and business presence on social media, as well as social media and real life networking.

1.    There is no benefit you can get from blogging
Social networking covers not only social media such as Twitter or Facebook, but also blogging platforms. However, some companies do not see blogging as an effective business tool because of one important reason: what kind of noise the internet has, so we should do the blogging?
If you run a business that focuses in the creative mind, you should immediately shut your business if you as the owner still have the same opinion as the previous one. Blogging is a perfect channel to ‘distribute’ your idea to people wherever they are. There are various platforms you can use this day. Each comes with their own characteristics. So, make sure you will choose the best that fits your needs. Some platforms such as WordPress or Blogger do give your flexibility in reaching most bloggers throughout the world. Well, since blogging also requires some expertise, it would take time until you can become another master in blogging.

2.    In order to reach the success, your presence on every social network is critical
Only businesses that know nothing about their customers choose this way to ‘learn’ their customers. So, unless you want to change your job and work as someone who spies other people, you need to change your mind first. Learning your customers do not require you to have an active account on each social network. There is a simple way that would cover everything you want to have regarding this case. Use the social media search function such as or to grab any information you want to know about particular user segment. Use a pre-determined keyword that you believe would reflect the behavior of your customers. Use the search result to understand them better than previous.

3.    Our networking in our real life would have gone with the presence of social media
People do have some logic when they come to this idea. With many new gadgets, we have today; people would spare more time with their gadgets than with real people. Well, no one denies this threat, even businesses. Even though efficiency and cost hold the essential position in business, it does not mean that you can sacrifice everything to grab as many profits as you want. As part of the community, you should also learn how to live within the community as well as develop and preserve it. Preserving the ‘conventional’ way of its communication is the simplest method. Instead of using social media to greet people, your customers will pay more respect to your business than your competitors. However, this will only apply if you do have a willingness to greet them personally in informal events. Yes, they can get any information they need about your product/service or your business through the internet, but it is the personal touch of a company they do need.