Ten tips for domain name registration

Before people can see and browse your website, people need to know where they should go. It is like your physical store address in the real world, but this time you will do it on the internet. You need to give your website domain name. This post will guide you about domain name registration, especially ten tips you need.

What you need

Before you register your domain, remember one thing: requirements you should complete depends on a country where you want to register your domain. Let’s take an example. If you want to set your domain registration with ‘.com.au’ address, here are requirements you should complete:
• Business name you have previously registered to government. Your business name should at least similar with domain name you want to register
• Business Name Number you have previously registered to local government

Choose the name

If you are expecting the establishment of a new website along with a unique domain for your business, choose a name that will help indexing your business quickly in Business Directories. Since most Business Directories use alphabetic list to index all businesses, it will grant you great benefit if you start your business with the first five letters: A, B, C, D, or E. The earlier the alphabet, the higher placement you will get in the directory. However, this strategy only applies to Business Directories and has no impact to Search Engine.

Keep the name simple 

Your domain name acts as an address to your website. People will type it when they want to visit your home. Since simplicity is the only way for people to keep your website address in their mind, there is only one remaining applicable strategy you can implement in this particular cause: you should keep the name simple and short. The best strategy is to keep the name remain under ten characters. The simpler name you get, the easier people will remember it. It means you will be able to increase your website traffic which is important in lead conversion.

Your Name may Include Things You Do

People need to know what do you do with your business and why they should be in a presence to your place. There are various strategies that will do well with this cause. However, the simplest, yet most effective strategy is still simplicity. You can tell people about what you do by showing it at your domain name. Let’s take an example. If you run a rental business, you can register your domain with www.rentyourcar.com.

Register Your Domain for at twenty-four months

People need to know which company they want to deal. Is it a business with a commitment to serving them or just a business which wants to steal their money and leave? Show these people your business commitment by registering your domain for at least two years. With two year’s registration, you can also show search engine your commitment which is crucial for your business development. Search engine would never recommend your business to people if they found out your business is just a scam that usually registers a domain for less than one year.

Register Your Domain in Various Types

There is only one hope all business owners have: to reach success through their business. The bad news is once you have reached your dream, and it is likely that some people or even businesses will come and claim your business name which also means your success. In order to avoid this ‘nightmare’ situation, you should register your business domain name with as many options as you can, such as ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ ‘.biz,’ ‘.net’ and other options, but make sure it matches with your budget. Once you have set the domains, these irresponsible people and business should take another way if they still want to claim your success.

Someone you can trust

Business is not only about money, but also about how to build trust with people and other businesses. Even on the internet where you may never know the person across the network, you should give your trust to him/her once you found out he/she is worthy for your trust. It is important to build the trust on the internet, including if you want to register your business name. Read it only to a company or person you trust and make sure that the name your register has no difference with your business name. It is important because not only it will help people tracking your business, but also it will help you in saving hours you would spend during crisis management. Do your best to choose only company with good track record. Avoid any overseas company if possible because it will help you in saving your time whenever you want to manually checking their management and service over your website. I strongly recommend not to giving your trust to a company which offers you cheap, uncommon rate. At last, make sure that before you give your trust, your client has trusted communication methods you can contact whenever you need to do it.

Keep the details safe

Once you completed the domain name registration, you will get all details you need to obtain and manage your domain name, including both username and passwords. Usually, you will get this information by e-mail your client sent to you. This information is vital, and my only recommendation will be saving them at the safest place you have. Even though you can ask your client to reset this information when you lose or forget it, someone can still use unauthorized access to get it without your permission. I recommend keeping it physically at physical safe place, not on the network which includes your e-mail, cloud storage, even your computer. They are essential and worth for the best protection.

Choose a website hosting company

Once you get your business website domain name, you need to get a place where your website will become operational. For this cause, you need another help from website hosting service provider. Find the one that matches with your need and once again, please remember to choose only provider you trust or company which track record you can prove and believe. The more familiar the provider, the better you give your trust to the company.

Your e-mail address

When you register a domain under your company name as you do with Business Directories, most web hosting providers will grant you free corporate e-mail address. Instead of free web-based e-mail service, you should take this offer. It is because not only its features which are greater than free e-mail service, but also, it is safer than free services. Another benefit I should say is people will know that you are doing the business seriously with corporate e-mail address you have at your hand.