Testing to boost online selling! (Part I)

Because it is very vague to be sure where you are heading on the internet although with all these years of presence and performance, even employing your star-performing strategies, there’s always room for improvement to attain the strategy or angle that will work best for you, testing seems to be the only way to discover what works –and what doesn’t–on your website.

Not only this, but applying testing boosts your online sales exponentially and when you start using one of twelve experimented tests is the moment you witness their validity and a dramatic improvement to your bottom line sales.

As you start increasing your bottom line sales with “Testing everything, assuming nothing” in mind, you are confronted with two basic measuring tests:

Test1#: Offer just one product or service on your home page.

If you sell a number of products on your website, try to focus on one of them-or a set of related products- with providing one key set of benefits and answering all the possible questions and doubts your visitors might have about your product.

Putting in one place with more copies describing this product or a set of related products, instead of trying to please everyone who visits your site by offering a large range of products with minimal detail about each one, always translates into higher sales.

Actually you don’t have to stop selling your other products–you can always offer them to your customers from other web pages or by using follow-up offers (a method discussed later). Write a sales letter for your lead product, put it on your home page and verify its validity in increasing sales in few weeks’ time!

Test #2: Reposition your opt-in offer to boost your opt-ins and build a bigger list of loyal subscribers.

Usually a good positioning of your opt-in on your site can have a huge impact on how many subscribers you attract, and apparently offered on every page of your site so it’s always in front of your visitors or placed in a “hover ad”(a method discussed later).

Not using a long sales letter, test placing your opt-in offer in as prominent a position as possible on your home page–the top left of a page is where visitors’ eyes are often drawn first. At the very least, test placing your opt-in in the “top fold” of your home page–the area of screen first visible to a visitor before they scroll down the page.

Using long sales letter, you should test placing your opt-in offer within your second “page” of text–after you’ve grabbed your visitors’ attention by identifying a problem they have and established your credibility by impressing them with your credentials, experience and glowing testimonials from happy customers.

Don’t forget that your opt-in offer is your tool for gathering your customers’ e-mail addresses and building your e-mail list, which allows you to regularly keep in touch with your subscribers, build relationships of trust and loyalty, and sell them your products or services. Test that!

More Testing coming up next. Keep reading.

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