Testing to boost online selling! (Part II)

The idea of increasing sales tempts you to use more intricate testing. As such and as you start increasing your bottom line sales with “Testing everything, assuming nothing” in mind, you are confronted with three featured measuring tests:

Test #3: Add impact to your promotions with hover ads.

Pop-ups or the small windows containing a special offer or other information that sometimes “pops up” when you visit a website and the very useful online marketing tool for years, went on blocked by Google, AOL, Netscape and others through specially developed pop-up blocking software to combat them because a percentage of internet users disliked them.

For visitors to a site not to start missing out on valuable information that could benefit them, a very impressive technology was discovered that actually lets you use ads that behave like pop-ups but that aren’t pop-ups–so they don’t get blocked.

Hover ads, as they are called, when tested adding to our site, sales increased by 162 percent! These ads are effective because they put important information, such as your opt-in offer or a special limited-time promotion, right in front of your targeted visitors.

You can test placing your opt-in offer in your hover ad to see if that boosts subscription numbers. When we did this, 86 percent more people subscribed to our newsletter. Test how many more people click through to a special offer page on your site through a regular link vs. a hover ad and see the difference by yourself!

Test #4: Feature different benefits in your headline.

In order to attract your visitors attention to your product- or set of related products- carry on a successful headline for that, with a problem your target audience faces and stress the main benefit of your product or service in solving this problem.

Your headline has a huge impact on your sales, and it’s often the first thing visitors to your site see. Better than telling what the product is from a headline, giving a visitor no good reason to continue reading the rest of the page, put a headline that presents a major benefit of the product and a solution to a problem, to grab their attention and compel them to read your sales letter.

Test #5: Establish a problem in your copy and show how you can solve it.

The thing that applies to the headline carries on to the first few paragraphs that appear on your home page, you need to go into more detail about the problem you introduced in your headline–showing your audience that you relate to them, establishing a solution to it.

Only when your audience feels you understand their problem will they feel confident that you can solve it, and then you can begin introducing your product or service as the solution to this problem. By emphasizing exactly how your product or service will solve your reader’s problem, you’re guaranteed to see a boost in sales.

Why don’t you carry on this package of enhancements to your website with Dow Group from hover ads that provide important information about you to online visitors, to problem solving headlines and content that increase the interest in your product to eventually increase your sales exponentially in a Dow Group endorsed website creation?