The Pitfalls of Social Media

Although social media is increasing in popularity, it is constantly subject to heavy criticism and skepticism. It is accompanied with many pitfalls that have been said to negatively impact individuals and businesses as well:

– Decrease in human interaction: Despite the fact that it was created to allow individuals to communicate, it merely creates the illusion of connection while diminishing the need for actual human interaction

– Increase in cyberbullying: People can be harassed on social media. Fake accounts can be created, profiles can be hacked, degrading information and insults can be easily uploaded and posted

– Decrease in productivity: many employers banned the use of social media at work since it is distracting and time wasting

However, the ultimate concerns remain about Privacy & Protection of user information.

A lot of attacks have been made on social media networks, especially Twitter and Facebook since no proper measures are taken to protect the privacy of users or their personal information. It is true that users generate information and content into websites, but corporations eventually own these websites. For instance, Facebook’s privacy policy states that they may turn over any information they believe may be related to an illegal or criminal activity, but many argued that personal information was harvested even when authorities lacked reasonable suspicion.

Another aspect of privacy invasion is Data mining which is used to extract user information. People worried that companies and individuals were freely allowed to harvest information and use it for various purposes. Although several measures were implemented by social media networks, suspicion is still present.