The Top 10 Most Innovative Web Design Trends this 2019

2019 marks the end of a decade – we’re heading to 2020 with a full head-on. With the last nine years, we could attest to how technology has helped people a lot in so many ways. And with this in mind, we can also say that the years to come will also be filled with exciting and innovative inventions that can already be seen today like AI, VR, AR, AMP, and many others. Surely, it will only just get better!

And being in the online world we are in today, it’s also relevant for businessmen to make sure that your web designs to be updated and modernized. A web design company knows how important web design is – the schemes, color, layouts, and all the other elements in a website all contributes to the responsiveness of the website.

A good and responsive website can help a lot in gaining traffic and it can increase your lead conversion as well. Your website is your primary mediator to your customers and this is where interactions take place most of the time. You must understand that even the subtlest element in your website is relevant like the others.

And the current web design trends this 2019 can also help you in upping your own web design! Try some of these and see how your site will become better!

Serifs as Fonts

Serifs and Sans Serif fonts are used on either prints or screens. But, with the current trends, it shows that using serif on certain parts of the screen such as headlines and callouts can give a little decoration and emphasis on the message you want to convey.


To catch the attention of your viewers, you can put corporate videos on your homepage. Your video can be consist of your products, services, or a little bit of information about who you are ( as a business ) and it must be brief only. Heavy videos will make your website crawl a bit slower and it’s not good especially for your SEO and your entire website’s functionality.

Black and White Palettes

Color has always been one of the most important elements in branding and web design. But black and white is so famous in making expressions and impressive statements. Using it on your website can actually catch your viewers’ attention. It may even look unique and different from the typical web designs that are too colorful for their own good.


When scrolling up and down or left and right in your website, you can use make transitions different from the common ones that other websites have. Unique and eye-catching transitions can elevate your web design and make it stand out. However, you must make sure that these transitions will not make your whole website move slow.

Shapes Depicting Nature

If you still don’t know it, you can actually use naturally imperfect and free-drawn elements that can give so much life and attractiveness to your web design. The goal of applying such designs is for the viewers to feel more connected and related to the designs using natural-like elements.


Micro-interactions are the specific response to every action that the user does in the website. This can be a little bit surprising for them and it can elevate your design on a whole new level.


Chatbots have already become a popular installation in websites. In fact, as the years go by, chatbots also become more efficient and intelligent. The bots are going to be made at a more personal level, having iterations that involve AI and machine learning; making prompt response to the needs of the clients.


According to reliable sources, consumers prefer authentic brands; brands that portray originality and uniqueness. To achieve this, you can use your own photographs, natural colors and hues, and a layout that’s entirely from your own perspective.


Minimalistic designs and aesthetic choice has always been a timeless and classic choice. The fewer elements that your viewers see in your website, the less they have to think and if the designs are laid out perfectly, they will be able to get the info right away.


People have been using their mobile phones every day, almost every minute. It has already overtaken using a desktop in browsing the internet. Having your own mobile version will make you more reachable to your viewers. You can actually ask the help of web development and web design company to help you create a mobile version of your website.

As the years pass by, technology keeps on flourishing and it becomes more helpful to many aspects of our life. No matter what kind of industry it may be, technology has already played an important role in making things more efficient and effective.

In web design and in the web development industry, specifically, there are already lots of progressions and developments that made online businesses and websites function properly.

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