Things you can learn from ten-trusted brands about corporate branding

In the business, one of the quickest and safest ways to cut your way to success is by making a thorough learning on how traditional businesses make their success. Of course, they are not just attractive markets. You will learn from companies which strategies and life have successfully attracted people’s interest, not only for years, but everlasting.

Before you proceed, this helpful material comes from Entrepreneur, a website which has been assisting entrepreneurs since 1973 and The Values Institute at DGWB, a California-based think tank business that focuses and learns on corporate brand relationships. They form a cooperation to dig detailed information on how these people’s brands manage and stay on the top of competition list.

First fact we can learn from their research: these famous companies may not come with the biggest business market shares or even sales in their niches, but they come with the most trustworthy brands the world ever sees. They have proven to the world that it is not impossible to create a close relationship between customers and businesses through collective experiences that trigger an inherent people’s response.

Jim Stengel, a Procter & Gamble’s former global marketing officer, said that through this research, they were able to see how a corporate brand can develop emotional relationships between their customers and business; a relationship that not only works, but also visceral and ultimate one. He comes with one conclusion: when a business can build this relationship, it has more active company, more vigorous growth, better results, and a stronger affinity than before.

AMAZON: Get personal

Today, when you get yourself connected to the internet, it is like impossible for you to know nothing about Amazon, unless you know nothing about the internet itself. Everyone from all around the world knows about this website. The question you have here is: how the company maintains the trust while most of their customers never have contact with the company staff?

From the research, business experts discovered that the first thing we should always remember about Amazon is its performance not only in keeping people to believe in their brand, but also in every trust value of each customer.

Well, if you dig further, you will soon realize that the critical strategy Amazon uses lies at its exceptional product functionality, accessibility, and people’s experience. Unlike other online shopping businesses, Amazon believes their customers are worth for the best products from all categories as well as other services which include 24/7 unlimited access, advanced supporting technologies, excellent item search, honest user’s feedback, and any relevant information that may help them with their purpose. This way, Amazon can turn from just an ordinary online shop site into the unique place where everyone can get superior item purchase experience.

In addition to all great offers it has, some experts also believe when Amazon comes with affordable prices and free shipping policy on customer’s order; Amazon greatly helps everyone to see its offers as an offer he or she will regret if he or she do not immediately take. At the same, Amazon comes with a unique breakthrough when everyone can save their time by using Amazon’s one-click order system and imminent item delivery system. Of course, another reason lies at Amazon’s product availability even though they do not produce all products it has in its database. Most of its products come from Amazons Partner Count system. Any manufacture can store their products to Amazon database just because they trust Amazon protocol.

However, not all people like Amazon system, especially in how they offer the products. Some people consider such a vast array of product offerings may not give respect to individual’s need because it just becomes too general.

If you ever used Amazon before to a search product you like, you may also have recognized that Amazon does such an amazing job in fostering personal relationships with their customers. It provides a secure system everyone can use before we make our decision through previous user’s recommendation, alternative complementary purchases, and user reviews over the item we like. We can even determine whether we can believe a user’s review or not by looking his/her profile, ratings and reviews he/she ever gave to a product, and other useful information.

COCA-COLA: Sell happiness

You may have ever heard about Coca-cola’s famous products, such as ‘The Pause that Refreshes,’ ‘Life Tastes Good’, or ‘Ice-cold Sunshine.’ These products mark the company commitment in becoming global leader in beverage-maker industry, even since the inception of this famous company. The research on this corporate brand found that the simple reason lies at everyone in the company has only one inspiration to support their work. The good news is they choose to believe in: how do they promote, create, and develop happiness for everyone.

It is highly critical in this subject to keep everyone in the company has the same commitment to achieving the same goal, Coca-cola delivers the message through all possible channels to reach everyone in the company from social media to custom vending machines. With the existence of these channels, everyone can contrive flavor combination he or she favor. This strategy represents the company idea of both delight and spontaneity, but they do not stop at this point. They continue to infuse both ideas into everything.

Regardless the company failure in introducing their New Coke brand in 1980, this study discovered that Coca-Cola has successfully backed up the company focus on customer’s happiness with consistent and strong corporate brand based on its heritage and longevity, as two critical points.
It is very interesting even for business experts to know that this corporation, as well as other successful groups, believe that everyone is worthy for both healthy and deep respect for a past he or she have passed as well as other people who have given the similar life history. It is single belief that leads the company in remembering the reason they institute the company and origin. This is the strongest point we can learn from Coca-Cola, no matter how many failures they might have done in the past.

FedEx: Your Promise is not just Words

A straightforward passion is the only thing FedEx needs to create their identity as a company with firm corporate brand. Well, since a firm corporate brand is highly crucial, it makes sense when the company comes with strongest company ratings inability. It even becomes more distinctive than ever when rating they get is individual rating for being able to accomplish everything they have promised to their customers and for the ultimate efficiency they perform in all their operations.

Even though fact shows that the company has provided reliable service to its customers, it wants to endanger trust it gets through unique initiative it calls as “We Understand” project. FedEx chooses to uplift its brand by understanding that the service they offer is not only about logistic services, but also protection over people’s treasures, futures, and livelihoods. At the customer’s side, there is only one conclusion at this stage: people will award the company with all trusts they get.

It is important to get the best strategy, trust, and brand, but it is not enough. FedEx realizes this fact, and that is the reason they choose to engage people with their own reward program as well as social media interaction. Both channels are necessary, at least from FedEx perspectives, because once people put their reliability and trustworthiness at your company, there is only one fact takes presence: placing your customers as the only priority has become more crucial than ever.

Apple: Keep it fun and cool

Most companies choose this way whenever they have a new product in their lines: call the public and hold breath-taking press conference. Well, this way has become popular even for some infamous products, but is it worth for the effort?

When it comes to Apple, most of us will come with the single perspective: all its new brand come with quality we should never doubt. We believe it as sleek, smart, and advanced technology that not only will improve our communication way, but also how we spend our time. That is how we see one of the weirdest stuffs of today’s world gadget: people do not concern about how much they should pay if the product comes from Apple.

When you ask people about how they will describe Apple, it is likely that you will hear about both expression and creativity. However, there is something more than these words. The company name itself has done more than we know when it adds emotional substance to its brand by creating unique retail stores with the exceptional ability. They create unique retail stores that not only sell their products, but also foster the unique combination of both transparency and collaboration between staffs they hire to manage the sale and customers.

Apple chooses to hire empathetic candidates without measuring how they will affect the company sales, as the crucial point at this cause. It may be a bit weird or unique for us, but some experts  who work on this subject believe that this Apple’s strategy is may be the best retail endeavor the world have ever seen. It shows how the company committed itself in approaching people to come by themselves and get the unforgettable experience for their whole life. The ‘worst’ news is: everything comes from a simple Apple store.

For Apple, a store is not just a store. It is also a knowledge-based spot the company uses to deliver its business philosophy from open spaces, large tables, windows, walls, and other store components to the well-trained associates the company has. These partners come with the best ability to ensure people that any decision they make will never bear remorse.

Well, the company also has not lost its bad review. Its corporate brand comes with the lower score than its average business score when we connect it with the corporate side of the company itself. It becomes worse than ever when it continues with the perspective that even though Apple is a big corporation, it does not come with the reward system or anything similar to it that honors people for paying loyalty to the office. That is how research found Apple began to lose its focus on its business core functions.

Target: Invent, an experience

Target works as a discount store. That is the fact, but there is something more than just this fact. It comes with stylish and sleek campaigns as well collaborations which make it a perfect place for high-end designers to come and create unique, limited-edition merchandise. This is how Target works and sends all fashion lovers to a frenzy world they never experienced.

It is quite a phenomenon when Target’s public face chooses to negate the company mass-merchant status. Further making differentiation between the mass-merchant status with the superstore brethren, Target believes that the consistent delivery of outstanding retail experience will trigger the success and they begin it with store design, then finalize it with choosing merchandise to customer service and price.
With this constant delivery, Target successfully made their effort in providing their customers an enjoyable shopping experience without emptying their cash. As a business, instead of thinking only about making profit, Target chooses to focus on making a more humanly company than ever. That is how they create the bond with people and drive them to deal with it.

In addition to business principle they apply, Target also equips each store they have with consistent design and easy-to-maneuver layouts. Both layouts transform an ordinary outlet to intuitive and secure place where everyone can purchase any item he or she want amid vast selection of products.
Target has also acquired its customer’s appreciation after being able to create both affordable and attractive merchandise while some companies believe to be impossible. It starts with ever-changing array of notable home accessories and trendy clothing, but the company has given its guarantee that it will continue to the availability of decent style alternatives that have become the distinct point of this company. At that time, people from all segments, sources, and tastes will be able to purchase any fashion they want.

As a company with world-wide reputation, Target comes with undoubtedly consistent and friendly customer service. They try to serve people in the best and fastest way. Whenever people get in the busy line, their customer service will try their best to re-direct them to another line which is less crowded than the first line. Of course, whether they like it or not, they should come with thorough understanding about what do their customers need, including warm, charming, and humble services. This way not only they can foster people’s trust, but also driving margins, positive brand perception, and business traffic.

FORD: Stay consistent

In our times when change is the only sure thing we get, Ford has successfully introduced its business as the beacon of business reliability through its consistent corporate branding.
This study revealed that there are at least three important points that help Ford in surpassing the robust test of time: its one-syllable and simple name, its iconic business logo, and how the company emphasizes the role of Henry Ford as its founding father.

As a company with consistent product and brand strategy as well as their execution, Ford comes with the unique strategy that other companies choose to avoid: its CEO plays an active role in interacting with their customers, especially through social media. Even though it is a time-consuming strategy, Ford has amazingly build and forge a strong emotional connection with its customers. As the result, people pay respect and trust to the company which is necessary when they company want to increase both its dependability and stability.

Ford has made a business decision it will never put into sorrow when it choose to build a consistent brand. Its chief executives believe that there is nothing to do with the company logo, message, and tag line on the frequent basis because one simple reason. If a company chooses to do that ‘strategy,’ it will only give everyone (no matter origin, taste, preference, and favor they have) the reason that the company has nothing (I mean completely nothing) to do with gaining firm trust from people. It is necessary for all businesses to develop both compelling and unique value proposition for their brand and to repeat it for the whole time.

NIKE: Can-do attitude

If you browse the website, Nike clearly states its mission as “to bring innovation and inspiration to everyone in the world.”
The company may come with the simple message, but it is the word that connects everyone in the world to a new definition of athletic apparel.

Even since the establishment of the company, Nike has committed to focusing on its customers because they believe it is only the customers who can help them in understanding how the company can serve anyone from different classes in the best way. All they need to accomplish at immediate time is focusing in self-empowerment and give the best effort they have. Once they do that, they will start inviting everyone through the brand they create.

When you inspect on how the company reaches its current state, you will soon realize that there are too many things that will answer your question, but there is one crucial state among those answers you should always remember. Nike choose to perform a constant development on their product which includes supporting advanced technologies for all products they have including Nike Dri-Fit fabrics and Air cushioning. All these supporting resources are necessary because Nike believes that people tend to equate expertise with innovation.

Being innovative is necessary because people will give a business all trust they have. All seems logic because once you come with innovation people’s faith; they will have known already that you are worth for their interest. When Nike came with its first product, they made their first step on a journey that would allow them perfectly to eclipse their business roots as high-quality running shoe company to become a completely athletic in all sport kinds.

Another important fact we can learn from Nike is the active collaboration of its co-founder in the product development stage. As the one with the original business concept, idea, and spirit, Phil Knight’s active participation is the crucial point that leads people to trust the company and respect the brand,.

STARBUCK: Forge connections

Once it passed stagnation for couple years, the global leading coffee retailer business has once again proven its ultimate power and amazingness. The best news is the company got everything by coming back to the company first-made promise of bringing everyone together, no matter which taste he or she prefer. The study reveals how the company has once again comeback to the industry, but now they come with better touch than ever in the original reason they come to the industry in the past. That is how precisely the re-created the bridge with their customers.

Starbucks tries to come with the best efforts they can do as long as they can provide the best service to their customers. Some of their service upgrades include free in-store Wi-Fi service, music, and large tables everyone can use to support all activities he or she want to hold including group activities and meetings. No matter which Starbuck store you visit, you will be able to see company executives doing their business and people sharing their stories. That is how the business understands everyone’s needs. Everything you can get from Starbuck store is about discovery, connection, creation, and inspiration.

If you run a start-up business, then you have done everything well if you note how Starbucks do its business and enable all resources it gets to set its success agenda. Starbucks has amazingly carved out dynamic niche its working with their pure coffee retail brand. They reach the success quickly and still there is nothing like them working on the same niche.

If you ask the core that lead the business to that direction, here is a clue. Starbucks has thoroughly understood over category norms as well as its competitors’ strategies and determination over specific direction on how they achieve all advantages a business can get.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: Serve up the quirky

As a low-cost flight carrier, Southwest Airlines has made their own consistent route in the industry as well as created a distinct business personality through all possible ways. Their strategies include company’s decision in opening passenger’s seating to any flight attendants who attractively sing the flight safety demonstrations.

Since the company establishment, Southwest Airlines has chosen to build an independent brand that will bring them quickly to break all the ‘useless’ norms airline industry choose to apply. It is no longer a weird or even surprising fact when this study reveals that Southwest Airlines’ success come from its peculiar corporate culture and operations. It is the same idiosyncratic life that supports the central function of the organization itself as an energetic, fun, unique, proficient, efficient, and affordable corporation.

However, there are some business reviews which give bad ratings for this airline just because it chooses not to share all information that has relevance to its decision-making process. Well, I must say that all these review makers may not just realize that Southwest Airlines choose not to share this information because it holds the critical role in thriving their business. It is unique and risky strategy, yet some corporations tried to follow it even though they finally ended with major failure and finally choose to terminate it.

The critical point you can learn from Southwest Airlines is the magic they play in combining all unique assets and strategies they have into one big piece that serves people in the best possible way. The way they apply free baggage charge, friendly employees, and other assets have made its competitors jealous. Many companies tried to replicate this strategy, but none of them reached the success as this airline does.
NORDSTROM: Focus on precious asset the company has

There are some business methods at present you can implement right away to determine whether you are doing right or not with your customer service. There are conventional and non-conventional methods. While traditional methods may suggest you to take actions after learning on a particular subject, non-conventional methods allow you to make any decision you believe as useful even though you get insufficient supporting data, including mythic stories.

Ask about this company, and most experts will conclude it with this sentence: Nordstrom comes with ultimate power in delivering outstanding customer service which fat exceeds everyone’s expectation of typical customer service experience. It seems logic after some business studies discovered that Nordstrom always scores the highest point among its competitors with more than 230 stores it has. Its attentive service efficiently sets this Seattle-based retailer from any responsibility to focus only at competitive pricing. This strategy benefits the company in keeping the profit margin as high as possible. For your information, attentive service includes digital photo and thank-you notes distribution, liberal return policy, and other relevant points.

Unlike other companies which choose to believe in ordinary business methods, Nordstrom chooses not to pretend in keeping the rice as low as possible. Nordstrom believes that each customer is worth for the best service and quality, instead of the lowest price. People will never concern about the price as long as they do get the best quality, and they have the budget for it.
Well, even though many people wants Nordstrom for its quality offer, there are also many people who choose to give the negative review on the company because of stupid reasons. People criticize the company in leaving insufficient information to everyone about how the company was making its policies. However, as long as the company chooses the right policy and applies it appropriately, you can move forward.

After reading the benefits, I am sure you will become more interested than before to read the following section about how these people’s company connect their brands with customers and transform it into a powerful tool for their business growth. If you want to build your brand properly choose branding agency in Dubai that will helps you out in developing you business brand strategies through the different channels like digital channels, Offline marketing etc.