Tips to amplify your company’s social media presence

social media

1) Shock audiences with the human touch

Social media best practices always focus on being human. It is important to be authentic and genuine in expression related to brands.

You can use words which are subtly sarcastic, and focused. Expect brands to poke fun at each other. This increases interactivity since it is different, smile-inducing, and also delightful for the audience.

Big B2C brands usually add a little bit of personality through social media.  This ploy works because according to a study from Edison Research, about 33% of consumers follow brands on Facebook and Twitter. Hence, to achieve success, brands need to adopt the human touch.

2) Invite your audience to engage and participate.

One of the pages on Facebook on George Takei relies on inappropriate jokes, hilarious puns, and commitment to humanity.

Mr. Takei starts by posting a picture with a joke, forcing his followers to think. One is welcome to like and comment after you understand the joke. This guessing game generates excitement and engagement and helps users to interact interestingly.

Caption contests, and surveys which are funny usually engage users and are a hit among the masses.

Social media can be used for one-way or two-way communication and can be leveraged for engagement in dialogues. They are engaging and attention-grabbing and generate approximately thousands of website visits every day.

3) Be visual in posts

More than 140 character messages, visuals do strike a chord to grab someone’s attention. The image just takes a fraction of a second to affect the minds of the readers. Inspiring visuals are beautiful works of art. Sephora, for example is a brand that sells beauty, which engages users with a mission to shine a spotlight on glamour and routine life. Custom-designed visuals are a hit with them.

Visual content is why Pinterest is a hit among people and also with major brands today. Pinterest pins are said to drive 25% more sales annually than the previous year.

Visual design works because 90% of information sent to the brain is visual, and they process much faster in the brain than text. Social media marketing is on top in 2020 when we talk about brand marketing you can avail our social media marketing services which helps you in generating more business and brand awareness.