Top Tips to Succeed in Email Marketing

Whichever type of email marketing a business uses, it is important to keep some basic tips in mind.

•    Make the email interesting like the newspaper headline which grabs your attention from the word go. If you are successful in arousing curiosity or coax them by asking a question, you are likely to sustain people’s interest.

•    Ensure that the emails are not sent to spam by carefully constructing them. Spam certainly generates no results. If subscribers have chance to opt-in, then the spam box can be avoided. If the emails are flagged for spam, they might get banned from some email networks too. Keeping the email list clean is essential for success along with adherence to all the laws and regulations.

•    Make sure that the email copy is clean and crisp. Do not let them look like amateur websites of the long-gone 90s. The email needs to have an engaging heading to keep their interest. With short paragraphs and good keywords, the copy would stand out.

•    Use of bullets help in quick browsing of content for the users. Any images in the mails should be used to illustrate the message. Also large images are mostly blocked so avoid using them.

•    The aim of your email marketing campaign should be to boost traffic to your landing page and the main site. Make links obvious to let readers interact. Strong “calls to action” can drive feelings.

•    Never make it impossible to unsubscribe since the marketing campaign should be friendly and persuasive but not overly aggressive. By giving the chance to opt-out the user would not resort to report your email as spam which will cause problems in the future.

•    Do not send emails without testing. Test internally and on mobile devices as well. Ensure that all your links work, and all things are up to date.