Traits of a Prominent Web Design Company

Prominent Web Design Company

If you are a company and you want to improve your business more, you know that having your own website is a must. Why? Because it can expand your reach and give your consumers a new level of experience that can help retain their loyalty to you.

And if you are going to construct your own website, you might need professional help; you might need us. We, Dow Group, are your one-stop provider of solutions regarding your business’ needs – and one of those is Web Development. We offerweb designSEOmarketing consultancy and more.

So, what does it take to be a good web design company? How do you think are we different from the rest? Why should you trust us with your business?

Listed below are some traits that a web design company has, and this can be helpful to you if you are in need of a web design company. Look for these traits and you can find the best web design company for you:


web design companies ‘feel’ their customers. They know and understand you well and they always take into consideration the things that you want. Like, how you want your website to look like, your goals, your fears, and everything. Through this, they would know what are your likes and dislikes, thus, design your company parallel to your taste.


They rely on data and concrete facts, not instincts. They implement usability testing to determine the tastes of your consumers, and as well as your taste. Great designers are sure that their designs will work.

No fuss

They don’t make users think or do so much through the interface before getting to the function they want to use. The website must be highly-usable and at the same time, easy to navigate.

Not egotistical

They put aside their personal tastes and prioritize the design that you want. Great web designers collaborate with you and the other web designers to come up with the best design suited for you and your consumers.

Uses Maslow’s hierarchy of user needs

They focus on the needs of the users. They build a functional, reliable, usable, and pleasurable website through the eyes of your consumer and users.

Focuses on the appearance

The appearance of the website can also affect its functionality and credibility from the users’ perspective. Aesthetic appearance can make your users relaxed and through this, they can connect with you as well.

Interface Conversations

The user and the website interact through feedback – and designers take this seriously, that’s why they build a UI that is aesthetically appealing, functional and useful to get good feedbacks.


Great designers work with great copywriters so they can complement each other. Your copywriting says a lot about your (business) personality. They can incorporate the text and the design subsequently, so it would both come together visually.

The best designers are crafted, forged and tested through time – they just come out of nowhere and give the service you desire.

Luckily, at Dow Group, our level of experience and expertise are worthy enough for you to trust us in solving your business needs. At Dow Group, we can use your imagination to turn it into reality. Kindly call us at 04 374 84 24