Unifying Communications!

Doing an activity on one device can be seen executed on another, like when you enable services like Google Docs, you can store documents, spread sheets, photos and videos in the cloud and open them on any computer.

Syncing also applies for files, folders, emails and photos stored somewhere like Drop box or Box, so now you can view and respond to things like text messages and phone calls on any device.

No best-known solution, all mobile app producers are competing harshly to achieve syncing.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 8, and computer operating system, OS X Yosemite, include features called Continuity and Handoff and as long as all your devices are from Apple and are running the latest software, continuity allows you to share information like directions, browser windows and email drafts.

The same also happens when you upgrade your devices, features are enabled by default and with continuity it’s pretty easy for devices to talk with apps not made by Apple and for computers to pick up with phones at a distance.

Writing something on a tab, and pressing a button to the left corner of your phone can automatically open for a window in the phone showing you those you wrote, the same also applies if you delete.

Navigation is also easy when you use Safari to try to search for directions, you can open them on Apple Maps through also an icon on your phone.

Google also has its say, where the combination of Gmail, the Chrome browser and the Google Hangouts app will let you see and sync email and open tabs, directions and messages on your phone, tablet or computer — even if some of those devices are made by Apple or another company.

Google also offers an extension for Chrome called Chrome to Phone that will let you send links to web pages, phone numbers or directions from the browser to your phone with one click, and sync Chrome’s browser tabs between a computer and the mobile version of Chrome on either iOS or Android — just enable it in Chrome’s settings under Advanced Sync Settings.

BlackBerry also offers interesting desktop software called BlackBerry Blend that loads messages, emails, photos and files from newer BlackBerry phones onto your Mac, PC or tablet — including iPads. You can see notifications and read and respond to emails and work as if you were on the phone. All the messages and files open in a separate window, walled off from the rest of the other data on your computer.

As a multi-device person, striving every day, and trying to be a little closer to moving seamlessly between your gadgets, why don’t you device everything business you have between a website, Face Book and App from Dow Group and extend your horizons.