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Web Design Trends This 2018

Web design in Dubai has improved a lot. With extensive choices of web design company, we, Dow Group maintain being your number one choice by providing you the best business solutions in Dubai that are appropriate for your company. Starting from web design, to its development, maintenance, and all the other solutions needed – we give it to you.

       1. Colorful Schemes

Google’s Material Design became the stepping stone of web designers to push their limits especially when it comes to putting vibrant colors. 2018 is the time for web designers to get out of the box and rev up their creativity.

       2. Typography

Paragraph texts, as part of the rules, should be readable. With that said, the header text – the one at the top of the page – is different. This year, there will be a massive change regarding how header texts should be put and styled. It will be weirdly misshapen, transparent, inappropriately spaced, bolder – it can be anything the web designer wants it to be.

        3.  Irregularity

Usually, we are trained to scroll down and click buttons on all the pages of the website and this 2018, this is about to change. Designers will have the luxury to come up with layouts and grids and asymmetrical balance, to give users a new level of experience.

        4. Animations

As technology advances so do the things that we can see on a website, and the things web designers can put there. Animations and graphics can make users get interested in viewing a website. Animations are said to be a form of interaction with the visitors ( and potential customers )

        5. Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, mobile browsing is preferred by individuals. Everyone is using their phones to use the internet for shopping purposes ( or any other purpose there is ). That is why designers are going to push their boundaries to integrate all the pages and subpages on a smaller screen than a desktop.

Indeed, 2018 is the year of change; and it’s also applicable to web design. And as a web design company, we, Dow Group will be able to apply all these trends ( and more intensive techniques ) to your website, to guarantee a high-quality service to you.