A Website Package for just $1,000! Can this help my business?

A Website Package for just $1,000! Can this help my business?

Many of our clients wonder about the pricing of a website; why would this website cost $100, 000 while the other only $1,000?! What’s the difference?

Various factors affect the price of your desired website. Mainly, the size of the data, the type or purpose of the website, the amount of resources needed, the prior business analysis conducted and the complexity of planning are all dominant factors that will raise the pricing of your website.

For instance, one major factor is the amount of production time and resources dedicated into the creation of your website: once the copywriter outlines the sections of your profile and writes its drafts, the designer envisions and executes a proper design which will be presented to you.

If you like it (you may request for modifications or even another design altogether), the developer will proceed in programming which takes several days or even up to months to be ready to go live. So, there’s eventually a whole team & lots of hard work behind your project.

Now, that being said, could a website package of just $1,000 benefit your business?

Some people argue that a lot of small businesses are doing just great without online presence. However, haven’t you ever wondered how much better their business could be if they have only invested a little online?

An entry-level website package can inform, engage your customers and convert potential consumers. Some of the benefits include:

-Visibility: In a highly tech world we’re living in today, you can’t afford to be invisible to those searching for you online.

-Sales tool: Your website can become a powerful sales tool where audience can get buying information, incentives, trusted company info and engage more with you

-Authority: Make yourself easy to find and stable so as your customers can always get ahold of you when they need to through online presence. Build brand authority and speak to your customers.

-Email collection: Instead of collecting your clients’ emails by hand, you can get them easier and faster through your website.

These are just few of the many benefits that a website can add to your business. If you are a lawyer, a freelancer, a doctor or any small business looking to enter the digital world, you can use this limited offer: domain name, web hosting (1 GB), about us, products/services listing and contact information for just $1,000!

What are you waiting for? Contact right away and start exploring the thousands of opportunities that await you online….