What are you? A leader :) or a boss:(

“If you want your employees to take the extra mile for your customers, you must go the extra mile for them”

Leader and boss are two words that are always used interchangeably. Both words are thought to be synonyms and are repeatedly used to refer to a person with a high level of authority in an organization, however the two words have different meanings and impact on the subordinates. Mainly the difference between the two reside in the attitude.


A leader is an individual who, despite of his/her seniority, works with his subordinates hand in hand, advises them, brainstorm with them and motivate them all the way .A leader is not a judger, rather he will encourage his fellow subordinates and put them on the right track to reach their goal.  The leader will usually provide his/her team with constructive criticism, ideas and solutions to their problems.
Leaders are there to lead the team forward and to move together
He/she is respected and appreciated by followers.


Boss is a term that is usually given to an individual with a high level of seniority. He is someone who gives orders and exercises his authority over his subordinates to ensure that they perform towards the welfare of the organization.
A boss never takes into consideration the ups and down of subordinates. He/She intimidates them  rather than motivating them back into action.
The title of “boss” depends solely upon the position she/he has in an organization and is usually disliked by employees.

What is the difference between Leader and Boss?

Both leader and boss are individuals that are in charge of a project or a company. When well examined in depth, the two terms carry different definitions and implications. Both possess some level of authority, however, a boss can provide good or bad leadership, but a leader can never be a bad boss.

– A leader encourages and empowers; a boss pushes his followers.
– A leader inspires his followers; a boss promotes fear.
– A leader have empathy with followers; A boss doesn’t.
– A leader is loved and respected by subordinates. A boss is feared by subordinates.
– To become a leader one has to lead by example. In order to be a boss, one merely needs to make orders and wait for results.

So, if you are the kind that bosses around, it is about time you start leading!!!