What determines a good customer service?

A good customer service is only determined through the eyes of the customer. It’s all about mastering perceptions & filling the customer’s needs.

The difference between winning and failing at customer service is a matter of excelling at the personal dimension: sensitivity, sincerity, attitude, and human relations skills. Finding the right approach & strengthening this human side everywhere in the organization is key to deliver outstanding customer service.

Keeping these facts in mind are crucial to excel in customer service:

-Include human emotions, behaviors, understandings, feelings, and perceptions.
-Understood a customer’s perspective
-Communicate the idea of: “we care and we deliver.”
-Define the most important activity involved in at the moment
-Always remember why winning at customer service is important to you.

Furthermore, it’s important for any organization to establish a strong Customer Relationship Management system. CRMenables a business to effectively & efficiently manage its relations with customers & to keep track of them to better deliver a customer service experience.

-Acquiring and storing information about and from customers.
-Communicating with customers

So to sum it up, there are no specific determinants for a quality customer service; these are general headlines to follow yet the application depends on the type of customer being dealt with and the need he/she is looking to fulfill.

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