What do you need to achieve successful marketing automation

Marketing automation is surely an unusual, yet powerful tool which can help you in boosting your business. It is a strategic tool that will let you creating successful digital marketing campaigns as well as automate your business processes faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. However, the key lies at your capability in understanding and optimizing the strategy, but first you should pass the setting or installation process.

Even though marketing automation takes place in the early development stage, it is crucial to have only well-developed setting-up processes. If you fail even at the early stage, it is likely that at least you will get many difficulties at later stage. In order to help you avoiding this problematic cause, here are some valuable tips about everything you need to achieve successful marketing automation.

Clean your CRM

Start the setting up process with cleaning your business customer relationship management (CRM) database. You need to apply the cleaning process as your first action because well-cleaned CRM database will let you synchronize any marketing automation software your business has with the database quickly, easily, and effectively. Any mess in your database will only make everything more complicated than ever and, therefore, will drain your resources, especially when you have inadequate resources to deal with problems like this.

A simple analogy can describe the worst possible nightmare you can face if you get the mess in your CRM database. Imagine a moment when someone come to your office and submitted registration for your product. After he/she had completed the payment, both your customers and you agreed to keep in contact. Without the presence of well-managed and well-developed digital marketing automation and CRM database, whenever the same customer comes to your office, you should ask them to register for the same product over and again. Not only it will make many messes in your database, but also discomfort for your users.
In order to avoid this problematic issue as well as other possible issues, you hold all the responsibilities in converting all leads you have into appropriate contacts. Once you set the connections, make sure that any duplicate records you have in your database have gone through detailed filtering process. It is also mandatory to associate all contacts with relevant user’s accounts as well as clean up all unnecessary account names you have in your database.

Do any necessary actions to optimize your database. It means the right remains at your hands in merging, deleting, purging, converting as well as other necessary activities you need to clean your database.

Verify your e-mail addresses

Once you cleaned your database, you can start uploading the contacts, but there is one additional step you should complete before you can apply this action. Make sure before you start the uploading process, you have run all the contacts through your e-mail verification service. With the implementation of this strategy, you can eliminate any false or wrong e-mail address which may also mean fake contact or users before it brings another mess into your database. Furthermore, you will also eligible for other ‘additional’ advantages, such as better market bounce rate than ever when you run the first e-mail campaign of your business.

It is important to apply any possible strategy to keep your bounce rate stay under 10% which is impossible if you never go through the cleaning process. If you can maintain the bounce rate, you will lead your business to stay away from any deliverability issue that may come in the future such as bouncing possibility of legitimate e-mail address. If you get the high-bounce rate, your e-mail sending reputation may decrease. It may go worse than ever if this issue breaks the popularity of your business domain in sending e-mail to your customers. So, just make sure that before you proceed to further steps, you have already cleaned your business database and proceed with e-mail verification.

You ‘inhabit’ the same team with your sales agent

There is one thing for sure that will come if you choose to implement marketing automation strategies. The process itself will affect all existing business plans you have as well as any agreement you have with all your teams, especially your sales team. In order to keep the negative impact as minimum as possible, you need to have a good communication with the sales team and education as well. Here are some important points your sales team and you should bring into an agreement:
• Is there any possible impact marketing automation will bring to the implementation of your business leads?
• When it comes to your inbound leads, will the marketing automation replace the sales outreach? If any possibility takes presence, when and how precisely it will take place? Set up an agreement if necessary.
• If you need a customized drip marketing programs for your business, how your sales team and marketing partners work together to achieve the goal?
These three questions stand only as preliminary questions you should answer which means it does not end there. There are further questions you should answer. These questions usually differ from one company to another. That leads to one conclusion. Before you rollout your marketing automation, make sure you have gained answers you need for any questions rise during the process. Since your teams may have many questions, you should prepare yourself with tons of answers, as well.

You must support your business with all necessary resources

Even though your business has you as the only one in the office, you can run the business by your own. However, it does not guarantee efficient business process and the result as well. In order to turn all processes to as efficient as possible, you need advanced support from all possible resources including website developer, sales operation, CRM administrator, the IT department, creative teams, digital marketing teams, and other resources you got. You need them to give you favors on the following niches:
• Code tracking
• E-mail verification
• Custom font permission
• Tracker subdomain creation
• Prospect lists
• Opt-out lists
• Form creation
• File upload
CRM integration
• Landing page creation
• Content writing
• Sales training
• Automation rules
• Scoring and grading
• Drip program creation
• Custom redirection
• Lead assignment process
• Dynamic content
• Site search integration
• Keyword optimization
• Page action triggers
Well, there are many points you should consider as you can see at the list, but they are just basic things that will determine whether you will successfully integrate marketing automation with your service or not.

Never stop to learn

Sometimes, even though you have adequate resources to do almost everything, failure may still become a sure thing that lies in your future. No matter how abundant you get your resources, but it is about how you optimize them and your willingness to learn. Once you stop believing in both of them, especially on your willingness to learn, you are not far from immediate failure.

The crucial thing about learning in business does not lie in how much time you spend in learning a subject. In fact, it is about the essence of each subject you learn. Even though you should spend much time in learning the subject, all your efforts will bear fruit if the time comes when you understand how to put everything in its place at the right place. Unless you have the ability to do this, you still need to learn many things. Good luck!