What to consider when hiring for Web Design? (Part I)

Ending up with a great website? Complimenting on the in-house job done by a web designer, hiring as such a more skilled designer or a design company to complete the job for you? Everyone does, but not everyone knows how to take as much stress out of the web design process as possible. Here are some ideas:

Getting Started (Before You Talk to Anyone)
The web design process does start with looking at design portfolios or calling firms, the thing that hides the important things you have to configure first:

• What are you looking for in a website?
• Is your project a fresh design or redesign?
• How soon do you plan to launch?
• As such is your website a simple project that can likely be completed in a short turnaround or a big and complicated one that needs a timeline of hundreds of hours of work and timetables to schedule its trenched processes?
• What do you need? Is a website part of your marketing plan?
• Do you have branding materials and style guidelines handy?
• What type of content are you planning to include on the site? Is it available for the designer to work with?
• What are the goals of your website?
• Who is your audience?
• What’s unique about your website and its content?

How Do You Find a Web Designer?

Divulging on the best to handle your web design work comes down to deciding on the scope of the work, time and budget. As such handling it to an individual or freelance web designer is a decision taken for small projects usually not that complicated. While associating it with a design firm(s) or team(s), means that the design process is complicated and you seem to need longer-term maintenance or care for your website.

Best Places to Find Freelancers and Companies

After assessing the situation of your design work flow you have to start talking to people you know who can finish the job for you whether they are individuals or companies, or carry on the advice of the owners of these websites as who does web design for them, or seek somebody within your network or area, or even commence a list of web designers and their references or carry an internet search for that with several places in mind.


Hiring a web designer or design firm can be a challenge that offers a great opportunity to look at some great work. Why don’t you take this grand opportunity to talk to some creative people like the group of designers at Dow Group and open up the process as you plan a website design or redesign?

What do you look for in a website designer? Do you have other tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.