What to consider when hiring for Web Design? (Part II)

Complimentary measures 

Not skilled in the art of web design or development? You find it a daunting task to pass the other crossroads ahead of hiring a designer or a design company or a developer that can finish the job for you? Here are some tips that can help:

Interview the Designer or Design Firm

Never hire without interviewing and checking the work of that someone who’s going to design your website, be it a freelancer or design firm.

As such there are eight things you should look for with every candidate for a good fitting:

1. Portfolio: Look for a distinctive signature styled designers or who better others in certain techniques and try to match them with the desired site or type of work.
2. References: Fetch for designers, be they a freelancer or design firm, with several years of experience and projects claiming good reviews and various client testimonials.
3. Experience: Search for impressing and interesting elements in potentials web designer’s resume as to their relation to your projects and consider asking about these candidates.
4. Time: Check for designers providing short turnaround time for projects if you are a get-back-to-me-right-away kind of person or at least hire those who have enough time for your project.
5. Creative workflow: Consider assessing what the price covers of a designer or design firm works and the expected provision from your part and from theirs and what elements will be given to you once the project is complete.
6. Education and training: Ask about the education and training received by the web designer(s) working on your projects and the technical know-how encompassed.
7. Communication skills: Hire someone nearby that you can communicate with clearly and easily to guarantee face-to-face meetings about the project and a closer finish for it.
8. Do you click? Trust your first impression for the right choice of a web designer(s) and remember to choose people you can get along with and work well together especially for projects demanding long periods of associated working and communicating.

Consider the Type of Site You Will Get

Value big and technical terms when it comes to important considerations to be followed for the website you are finishing, as such Consider the following carefully:
• Will you own the website and your domain name?
• If your website is going to not change or need updating, custom development can work well, else if you plan to have a website with lots of interactive, updatable, changing features, consider a standard framework with a common content management system, such as Word Press, else an open source one.
• How will you maintain or upkeep the site after the web design process is finished and the site is live?

Work within Your Budget

Finally you have to set a project budget and arrange for all contract terms and payment in writing and the way of payment as specific timelines or milestones are met before any work is done, decide on what type of designers to hire and what to give each for the work.


Hiring a web designer or design firm can be a challenge that offers a great opportunity to look at some great work. Why don’t you take this grand opportunity to talk to some creative people like the group of designers at Dow Group and open up the process as you plan a website design or redesign?

What do you look for in a website designer? Do you have other tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.