You need only five minutes to sell your SEO plan with five simple slides

Internet is a unique place where everyone can do almost everything he or she want, but the key lies on one thing: we can only optimize the system when we know what we need and specific strategies we need in order to reach the purpose. Search engine optimization, for example, offers great benefits for both businesses and individuals by optimizing primary information storage and search the network has. However, even though the evidences are more than enough to prove the efficiency of Search Engine Optimization in boosting both performances and profits of a business, there are still many companies and individuals who do not care about this matter. There are still many people as well as businesses who believe that instead of optimizing the system, they can directly optimize all business strategies, resources, and assets they have because it is simply more efficient and useful than the network itself. So, as you can see, the only challenge is how we can ensure these companies about internet and SEO methods as ultimate tools for their business.

This post will show you five different individuals who file their objections to the implementation of SEO methods for their businesses. In each scenario, you will find a particular idea you can use to make your ultimate pitch within only five slides in five minutes. However,  before you start with the 5-minutes slides, the following business presentation scenarios will provide great help for you:

  1. Before you start your presentation, it is important to become one with your client. Do not feel enough when you can only get the business name, its needs, and operation, but you should also merge with its language, its environment, frame of reference, and any similar thing that will help you in becoming one with your client. This simple, but useful information will help you in improving the effectiveness of your presentation and, therefore, increases the possibility of getting the contract from your client.
  2. Secretly ‘ask’ your client to explain their business objections to you. The more detailed explanation you get, the better performance and service you can give to the business. However, make sure that before you make the presentation, you have asked the information politely, and all questions you provide are not exaggerating the company. Give all the best efforts you have to make sure that while you are delivering your presentation, your client will listen carefully to the subject.
  3. At this point, you should have already had your client’s objective. They may also, at their side, have already prepared their strategies and everything they believe they need to achieve that goal. Now, assure them that you also have the alternative perspective of the purpose. However, before you carry the idea, you need some additional information from your client’s side that will help you in increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of the design. For this cause, ask for another business meeting where you will deliver your idea within 17 minutes or even less than it.
  4. You have no more than five or six minutes at your watch in making your pitch. Even though the meeting may go longer than it, five minutes still determine the success of your presentation. Five minutes is enough for your client to determine whether you are worth for their faith and money or not. So, make sure that each second you spend is highly efficient in delivering your idea and getting their trust.
  5. It is always mandatory to have a perfect development. So, when you feel that you are not ready for the presentation, do not push yourself to say that you have made the complete preparation for the event. Take your time to prepare yourself, your presentation, idea, and everything you need to deliver a successful presentation. When it is possible, try to postpone any activities or business meeting which you believe may interrupt your way in preparing yourself. You get only one shot for the presentation. So, make sure that you will never miss it, or you will never get it.

It is not enough when you know only the basics. It is important to apply everything we have learned on the real field problem we get. Take a look at the following five classic SEO problems and how you can quickly address them:

CEO: “Everyone said that it worked this or that way.”

You may found out that it is quite ‘idiotic’ for a business manager to have this opinion about how Search Engine Optimization works. However, since he/she is working as an executive who may also have the close relationship with the client you want to have a discussion, there is nothing you can do except the following strategies:

  1. Show the CEO that from this simple thing, Google has used more than 220 ranking factors
  2. Bring Moz Ranking Factors Study and show the CEO its result. Show the executive that sometimes the reality is not in accordance with everything she/he may have heard about it.
  3. Explain clearly the whole complexities an information search involve
  4. Explain to your client that it is not wise to take advice about SEO from someone who has no credibility and experience in SEO world hire always professional SEO services in Dubai if you want to rank you website higher in search engines.
  5. When you believe that it is not enough to speak about SEO, give a brief SEO demonstration to your client.

CFO: “It drains our budget.”

Everything has its own cost, including in business. You cannot expect to make money since the first time you build and run the business. You need to wait until all resources, assets, and system you have become fully functional before you can get the profit. The same principle of business applies in SEO world. You cannot judge SEO as a useless strategy that will only drain your budget. When you or your client comes with this perspective, there is only one sure thing that has happened: that person has insufficient knowledge as well as wrong attitude about SEO. When it is your case, try the following approaches:

  1. SEO converts popularity, content, and competition into money. Show your client a simple, but brief calculation on how much profit he/she will get from the implementation of SEO in overcoming market competition. Compare the amount with ‘conventional’ profit the business makes without the implementation of SEO
  2. In your presentation, provide detailed information about ROI level the business can get from the implementation of this network optimization strategy. Show the executive a surprising fact that discovers SEO as the best ROI-producing tool of investment.
  3. In addition to the SEO ROI chart, you can also provide one additional table to your client that clearly describes competition between SEO and PPC budget businesses spend to win the market competition. Give a brief explanation of the chart which shows that in most occurrences, SEO ‘produces’ 200-% ROI than conventional PPC ROI.
  4. Provide a clear, real business case that shows specific outcome your client expects. The case should at least contain detailed information about ROI, cost, and time frame.
  5. As the last effort suggest a test project to your client to prove your point. Pick the simplest case both for you and your client which both sides will understand quickly.

CMO: “Online is nothing more than just a fad.”

There is nothing more rugged than this statement, but precise force never becomes the correct solution for any issue. You cannot force your idea to someone who has no experience with the actual impact of SEO or someone who hates the internet, no matter which reason he/she may have. Choose a different, softer solution than violence to approach your client. The following simple approaches may become handy for you in this case:
1. Explain to your client that ‘traditional’ printed publication period has far gone, and we are facing the new era of online marketing. People are looking for a simpler and more efficient marketing strategy than papers. As the result, both online and digital marketing grows to answer this need. However, it is certain that online marketing will completely transform the face of business marketing and leave digital marketing far behind, including television.
2. You are thinking wrong if you believe that we cannot measure ROI when we choose online marketing. In fact, internet provides many tools that are easier and faster than other conventional tools in measuring business ROI.
3. A basic mathematic equation will give a brief explanation on great impact SEO gives as one-time business expensive with ultimate ‘production’ of business revenue. Make sure that you have pointed it its major differences with other conventional marketing strategies, including radio, printed publications, and televisions,
4. Spend your time with the CMO in explaining simple mathematic equation that describes the amount of money the business competition can generate for his/her business than conventional business marketing strategies.
5. For the last ‘treatment,’ make a comparison between your client’s business and its competitor. Show your client a simple equation that shows how much profit his/her competitor gets from SEO, as well as ROI and other relevant financial information. Show your client that instead of letting his/her competitor gets this chance, they can simply ‘allow’ the business to ‘taste’ it by directly integrating SEO methods with marketing strategies they currently have.

CTO: “There is nothing good I can expect from SEO for my business.”

Some people may feel there is nothing more entertaining than watching someone from business executive lines say something about SEO, such as, “There is nothing good I can expect from SEO for my company.” Well, of course, not all administrative staffs give that expression. Nevertheless, if you get any case that has similarities with this expression, the following tips may become useful for you:
1. Start your approach with showing your client an internet fact about massive scale of websites on the internet. It grows 10,000% within only four years. It began with one trillion pages in 2008 and reached 100 trillion pages in 2012. This number shows how often people use the internet and browse any information they want.
2. The huge amount of web pages will become useless if they contain useless information which makes sense if your client chooses not to trust the network. However, the real fact speaks in the different way. Google always puts their best effort in ensuring that people will only get the best information they need. In order to support this cause. Google, Bing, MSN, and other web search engines use web crawlers to search, index, and perform semantic analysis on all web pages then store information it gets to the database. With this function, everyone can now get any information he or she want quickly and efficiently. It becomes more special than ever when they want to search any information that has relevance with your client’s business.
3. In addition to the standard crawling feature, search engines also help internet users in making their information search more efficient than ever by providing the thorough analysis on the website link which marks the quality of a website.
4. With advanced database and information search technology, it is no less than crucial to know that any user from any place from all around the world can get any information they want within a second.

Marketing Director: “Market competition has done everything we need.”

Even though some studies may refer to a positive result of a decision, it is never a good decision if your client chooses to apply a strategy just because the competitors choose to do the same thing. However, instead of forcing your bad memories to merge with your effort in bringing your client back to the wise decision, there are other good alternatives you can try. The following points may help you with this cause:

  1. We should admit the fact that even though Google has its own spam fighting tactics, those tactics are quite uneven in its web application.
  2. None of the risks is unreal when it comes to web application
  3. White hat SEO techniques may still become the only SEO techniques that ‘choose’ to live with the web risks since the black one ‘chose’ to live without it. However, SEO risks do not always mean bad things. If we can learn them well, we can use them to find out whether the methods are working out well or not, especially to the business staff.
  4. If you want to get a long haul for this business, you must decide to stay at this development stage at least until you make sure that all strategies you deploy are working appropriately. Do not rush the time; just make sure everything is working well to win the game.


Fact shows that actual time you have is no longer than five minutes, especially in making your sale. Even though whether your client or you have set the business meeting for specific time longer than five minutes, your customer is only interested in getting a short brief from you, which is usually within five minutes. So, the best option you get is to learn everything you need to make it simple and stay on target by ‘adopting’ with their frame of language, reference, and the environment.

The most efficient way to learn the frame of language and reference of your client is by asking advice from someone who knows your client well. It may mean someone from inside the same company or someone with the close relationship with the client himself/herself. His/her advice will become a great help for your presentation. So, make sure you will only choose the perfect man for this purpose.

If you let me giving my personal business opinion, I will never let you spend your presentation in more than five minutes because you will almost fail. So, just make sure you can have everything within five minutes. You should believe me in this cause. Once you have everything on the right track, you will get everything easier than ever in reaching your success.