Is your site ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index?

First of all, what is Mobile-First Index?

Indexing in its sense is the process of making your webpage usable – this involves algorithm which affects your site’s ranking. Hence, the mobile-first index is Google’s way of ‘crawling’ the mobile version of your site effectively to rank it, instead of your desktop version. This is a major shift in how Google discovers, recognize, and highlight content. Mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic – smartphones and tablets are now garnering more than half of the traffic; that is why Google itself gives so much importance to mobile.

In fact, by the end of 2018, 79% of the global internet traffic will be mobile.

Google’s goal is to deliver a fast and reliable content effectively to users – which must be the goal of businesses, as well. And since Google is now prioritizing mobile traffic, it’s imperative for brands to invest in enhancing the mobile version of their sites – to participate in Google’s mobile-First Index.

How can I do it?

It’s simple – by working with providers of mobile development like us – Dow Group Business Solutions. We are a Web Design and Web Solutions provider which also specializes in Mobile Development. With that being said, we can make your site responsive – on the desktop and most especially on your mobile version.

Mobile-first index is all about making your site more than just being ‘mobile-friendly’ but to develop it in a way that Google will recognize it apart from the rest. In fact, Google wants you to focus on this if you want to be optimized and if you want to gain more traffic.

We, Dow Group Business Solutions will do whatever is needed to make the mobile version of your site fast and navigable with content that Google will prefer to ‘crawl’ and be recognized.

How will I prepare for this change?

  1. Make sure that the links and content on your desktop version will be the same with your mobile version so Google will rank both your mobile and desktop versions.

  2. Improve your users’ experience by adding boxes, tabs, and accordions to your site without having less content on your page.

  3. Make sure your website is responsive.

How will I optimize my website for the mobile-first index?


  1. Creating a valuable and  intelligent content on both versions ( mobile and desktop )

  2. Using Internal links

  3. Improving your page speed

  4. Optimizing your crawl budget

Furthermore, if you want to effectively maximize the benefit you can get from Google’s mobile-first index; you need to evaluate yourself – are you ready for it? Are you applying it? Do you need help? And if you do, we will gladly help you in your mobile development. We know the right ways to make your mobile version responsive as well as your desktop version.