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    Boosting Ecommerce Sales Marketing Psychology Strategies Benefits



    November 1 , 2022 |

    Boosting Ecommerce Sales Marketing Psychology Strategies Benefits

    Nowadays, the psychological aspect examines why people behave the way they do and make the
    decisions they make. We need psychology in marketing so we can understand how consumers make
    purchasing decisions. When we understand that, we can learn how to create marketing strategies to
    effectively promote products and drive sales. However, using the psychology of influence can decrease
    the risk of “yes” through social proof, authority, and unity, or increase the risk of “no” via scarcity,
    consistency, and reciprocity. The following are the benefits of these six ways to influence customers with
    marketing psychology:

    1. Reciprocity Benefits

    Not only does reciprocity help drive customer retention and word of mouth, but it also introduces
    customers to new products that they otherwise may not have discovered likewise:
     Even if you don’t advertise the gift in advance, slipping samples of other products into
    your shipped product is a marketing psychology technique that can encourage repeat
     Whether it’s a guide for how to make the perfect vinaigrette or an exclusive author
    interview, use content as an ethical bribe that makes people feel grateful toward your
     Using a surprise and delight approach means you don’t tell customers ahead of time
    about what they’ll get for free.
     Instead, they’ll find out when they receive their order that you’ve thrown in a freebie.

    2. Social Proof Importance

    Social proof is more important than ever for:
     People are engaging with customer reviews now more than pre-pandemic and brands
    with ratings less than 4 out of 5 stars are at a serious disadvantage, as consumers don’t
    trust them.
     Those online comments about your brand and products can generate interest and, in
    turn, sales.
     It displays which other products customers researched as well as purchased in the
    buying process.
     You can take a similar approach on your own online store with an app like “Also
    Bought” or “Frequently Bought Together”.

    3. Scarcity Advantages

    Scarcity can help drive customer interest and boost sales likewise:
     A simple “we only have 10 left!” message and no obvious path to purchase the product
    would do a disservice to your message and cause needless frustration, instead do these:
     Display a counter or a number somewhere to show exactly how many items are left.
     Note whether the product will be restocked or not.

    If so, give shoppers the option to sign up for a back-in-stock notification if they happen to
    miss their chance.

    4. Pricing Advantages

    Pricing can help drive customer interest and boost sales likewise:
     Regardless of your approach, product bundling can increase the perceived value of a
     A consumer will be a lot more willing to purchase your item if you can show it’s
    competitively priced.
     You can also do this to compare the price points of your own products.
     If your price point is more affordable than competitors, this can be a viable way to
    influence the sale.

    5. Loss Aversion Advantages

    Loss Aversion can help drive customer interest and boost sales likewise:
     This approach works particularly well if you sell consumable products, like food and
    beverage, skin care and cosmetics, and other health and wellness items.
     If you have a subscription-based business, you can offer a free or discounted first box.
     When people can experience the product firsthand, they can see what they’ve been
    missing out on—and what they risk continuing to miss out on if they don’t take action.
     No one wants to miss out on a great experience, and you can demonstrate that through
    free samples and product trials.

    6. Commitment and Consistency Benefits

    Not only does commitment and consistency help drive customer retention and word of mouth, but
    they also boost sales likewise:
     There’s less friction for the customer to buy because they know if they don’t like it, they
    can easily get their money back.
     But once they have the product in their hands, will they really return it? Maybe not.
    They’re already committed.

     Authenticity and consistency build trust.
     When consumers trust your brand, they’re more likely not only to make purchases from
    your brand but also to spread the word about your mission and products—allowing you to
    further tap into that social proof benefit we talked about earlier.

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