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    Boosting Ecommerce Sales Marketing Psychology Strategies



    November 1 , 2022 |

    Boosting Ecommerce Sales Marketing Psychology Strategies

    Actually, marketing psychology is the study of human consumer behavior and how shoppers react
    to marketing and advertising, engage with brands, and ultimately decide how to spend their money. But it
    can be difficult to get people to say yes to what you’re asking them to do, especially today. Accordingly,
    let’s see how to use marketing psychology to build some psychological triggers into your online store. The
    following are 6 marketing psychology strategies to boost ecommerce sales and anyone who sells in-
    demand or trending products for a living, online or offline, should know these six ways to use marketing
    psychology to drive sales. Now let’s look at each one of these ways in detail:
    1. Reciprocity
    The principle of reciprocity in marketing psychology means that when someone gives us
    something, we feel compelled to give them something back in return. So how can online retailers
    make reciprocity work for you? The following will tell:
     Of course, online retailers can’t personally visit the house of each person who interacts
    with them to shove a sample in their hand.
     Free gift with purchase: You might not be able to offer something in advance, but you can
    definitely offer something alongside. This tactic is a favorite of cosmetic and beauty
    products. Your free gifts can also include product samples.
     The gift of content: Content marketing is an effective way for online retailers to provide
    value to potential buyers as they move through your customer journey map.
     Surprise and delight: While advertising free gifts, pre-purchase is a great way to drive
    first-time purchases and tap into the psychology of shopping.

    2. Social Proof
    Social proof is connected to the principle of liking likewise:
     Because we’re social creatures, we tend to be biased toward things other people already
    like, whether we know them or not.
     Anything that shows the popularity of your site and your products can be a psychological
     Using social media for social proof: Social proof psychology can also happen off your
    website, such as on social media and influencer marketing has become commonplace in
     Display what others are interested in: Have you ever mentally saluted someone’s taste
    who was wearing the same shoes or shirt as you? You probably felt a quick connection
    with that person based solely on that one commonality.

    3. Scarcity
    Scarcity marketing refers to when people are motivated to act by the possibility of missing out on
    an opportunity likewise:
     Call it the Eternal Teenager Principle: if someone tells you that you can’t have it, you may
    want it even more. Announcing scarcity only gets you half of the way there, however, for
    you need to give your audience enough information to act on the opportunity.
     Sales that are ending: You can run temporary sales with discounts on selected items to
    incentivize purchases. Be sure to let shoppers know the deal won’t last forever so they
    feel a sense of urgency to make the purchase while they still can.

     Impending out-of-stock announcements: Items about to be taken off of shelves have an
    element of scarcity built in. If a product is a sample sale or being discontinued, it may be
    worth highlighting that fact so interested customers don’t miss out.
     Seasonal or limited products: But you don’t have to have the brand recognition these
    businesses have to tap into this marketing psychology tactic.

    4. Pricing
    There’s a whole psychology to product pricing alone likewise:
     The price of your product represents the size of a risk someone is going to take on. In
    other words, people will be a lot choosier over a $10,000 product than one that costs $1.
     Bundled pricing: Product bundling is when you combine two or more items that are
    typically available for individual sale into a single “product” available for purchase.
     In other instances, the value-add is convenience. Maybe you have a bundle of gift items,
    in which case the customer doesn’t need to worry about shopping around for gifts.
     Show price comparisons: Also consider price comparison.
    5. Loss Aversion
    The idea of loss aversion essentially states we experience losses much more intensely than we
    experience gains of the same level, while marketing psychology boils down to finding non-
    obvious ways to reduce perceived risk for shoppers through persuasion tactics likewise:
     Identify the loss and the gain: Effective marketing addresses specific pain points and how
    the product alleviates those pain points.
     The loss is the pain point, and the gain is the product, or the solution that product allows
    the customer to achieve.
     When marketing your items, you’ll want to think about highlighting the loss as much as
    possible, while also describing the gain.
     Free samples and trials: If you can, offer free samples before someone makes a
    purchase. The principle of “try before you buy” is one of the most surefire ways to make a
    consumer feel confident in making a purchase.

    6. Commitment and Consistency
    As it relates to the psychology of selling, the psychological principles of commitment and
    consistency says that people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in their words and
    actions, even to the extent of doing things that are basically irrational likewise:
     As a retailer, if you can understand the psychology of buying and get customers to make
    a small commitment to your brand—like signing up for your email newsletter—they’ll be
    more likely to purchase from you eventually.
     And if you can actually get products in their hand, even if there’s no official commitment
    to buy them, your chances increase even more.
     Make it easy to commit with easy returns: You can apply the commitment and
    consistency principle to your returns policy, too.
     Stay true to your brand: Though it can be tempting to get caught up in the theories
    behind color psychology and conversion rate optimization (CRO), it’s important to remain
    authentic. You don’t want to sacrifice your brand identity for the sake of making a sale. In
    fact, your brand and marketing psychology tactics should work hand in hand.

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