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I was born and raised to think like real Businessmen do. With a leading vision to join all developed family business activities into one melting pot, I established Dow Group in 2002. It took me a lifetime preparing to found a regimented business group managed and developed by proficient members, who share the same business mentality as we do. Fortunately, I have managed to embrace genius minds, the elite of the digital industries worldwide, improving our management and development systems processes. Having a multinational staff sharing different cultures and backgrounds allowed Dow Group to expand and grow on an international level.

My business-oriented perspective is to expand its horizon to a point where international business standards rule giving it a strictly corporate look.

A background crammed with theories, knowledge, and evolving concepts, Dow Group had trusted in the liberal concepts of business development and market share. As Darwin and Spencer once said: “Survival of the fittest”. We believe that competition, the part and parcel of success, only arises if the most powerful companies surpass or eliminate the weaker. Should you not be a leader in your field of work, you either misused your potentials or you just don’t have the ability to excel in a specific field.

However, although we are liberal extremists, we encourage socialism within our company. Position priority, higher responsibility, and higher pays are given to older generation of employees praising years of service and loyalty. Yet, at Dow Group, humanitarian support is a routine. We communicate with staff members on a caring level providing a healthy environment, in which all employees are treated equally regarding HR rules and regulations. We consider discrimination as a criminal act; we believe in equity among team members and all departments.

Proudly, we were able to lead the way of joining all Dow Group’s business activities under one umbrella. The umbrella of triumph involves Dow Offshore, Dow Training Centre, and Dow Media all around the Middle East, the Gulf, and Lebanon. The environment of our appraisal was ramified with business doctrines and ethics, which guided us through the journey of continuous success, pushed us to work hard and develop our dream, earn the loyalty of staff members, and exceed customers’ level of satisfaction.

We believe in partnership, not in clients… maintaining win-win situations.
We believe in colleagues, not in employees… maintaining loyalty.
We believe in success, not in failure maintaining… continuity.

We are essential to the development of my company, so are our employees and clients.
I Let you read my story. Now, let the story of Dow Group lead you.

Charbel Daou

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