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    Coding and Programming Skills



    November 1 , 2022 |

    Coding and Programming Skills

    Actually, skillset differs between coding and programming, for the coding skillset that you need is
    essentially a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and the mindset with which you approach coding.
    However, to become a successful programmer, you need to have the above-mentioned skills that a coder
    should possess plus a new skillset. In the previous blog, we briefly talked about the different skillsets
    needed for coding vs programming. In this blog, we will focus on specific skills that are the makings of a
    successful coder and programmer and finally, how you would go about learning to code and these are:

    1. Technical Skills

    In fact, to be a coder you have to have the following technical skills:
     It almost goes without saying that you’ll need to learn and eventually master a
    programming language for you to become a successful coder.
     The language you choose is highly determined by what you want to do with your newly
    acquired skills.
     If you want to build web apps, then learning JavaScript, Ruby, or Python are the coding
    language options you would be looking at.
     It is also important to understand some basic computing concepts like the fact that
    computers store data in “binary”, what that means, and how to convert from one number
    system to another, for example, decimal (base 10) to binary.

    2. Soft skills

    These are the skills that help you as a coder work with others. For example, communication and
    empathy likewise:
     You need to communicate with your team—fellow coders, your team lead, and even
    customers and product stakeholders, if you work at a smaller company where you wear
    the programmer hat too.
     Knowing how to communicate clearly and concisely will go a long way in your career as a
     An important aspect of communication in the coding world is feedback. You’ll constantly
    receive and give feedback, even more than in a lot of jobs.
     You need to learn how to best give feedback—putting the point across without getting
    “personal,” and receive feedback—not taking things “personally.” This is
    where empathy comes into play.

    3. Mindset

    The rest of the coder skillset has to do with your own mindset. You’ll need things like patience
    and grit likewise:

     Truth be told, coding is by no means easy.
     There’s language syntax to master and a ton of tools that you need to learn to use,
    together with the software for it to run effectively and achieve the goal you intend it to.
     A lot of times, you will get stuck, which is known as experiencing “blockers.”
     You’ll need to think through the problem, a concept known as “rubber ducking,” so that
    you can see where the root problem really is.

    4. Technical Skill Mastery

    In fact, to be a successful programmer, you need to have the above-discussed skills that a coder
    should possess plus the following technical skill mastery:
     As a coder or a programmer if you can’t figure a problem out, that’s where the community
    comes into play. Searching online will become second nature, so you can see whether
    other people on the internet and in different tech communities have encountered the
    problem before, as well as their suggested solutions.
     As a coder or a programmer if you still can’t find a way, then you need to ask your fellow
    team members.
     At the programmer level, you need to have worked with one or two programming
    languages for a number of years.
     You know the behind-the-scenes of how things work, and can make decisions like the
    best technologies to use for a project.

    5. Analytical skills

    In fact, to be a successful programmer, you need to have the above-discussed skills that a coder
    should possess plus the following analytical skills:
     As a programmer, in addition to problem-solving skills, your analytical skills also need to
    be top-notch.
     You handle more complex problems on a larger scale, which affect more people.
     As a coder or a programmer, it can get frustrating. But you can’t give up. You have to
    keep going. If you are stuck, take a break and look at the problem with a fresh pair of
     Other skills, like keen attention to detail and problem-solving, are also handy for a coder
    and a programmer.

    6. Leadership

    In addition, your skillset as a programmer should include leadership likewise:
     Your scope of work is more likely to be “customer-facing.”
     You’re responsible for ensuring that the product is easy for the users to navigate.
    For example, the product is always available without any downtime, even with increased
     You’re also responsible for maintenance and updates, to ensure that your product stays
    up to date and ensure that best practices like protecting user data are followed.

    7. Coding or Programming

    Now that we can tell the differences between coding and programming, it’s obvious that coding
    would be where we would start to build a career in software engineering, before growing into
    programming for:
     There are two paths that you are likely to choose from—going to school or learning by
    yourself. Whatever school you subscribe to, you’ll be comparing coding vs programming.

     School in the 21st century might look like an in-person, hybrid, or online coding
    bootcamp, or even joining a coding course in a “traditional” bricks-and-mortar school.
     Our aim here is to make you realize that there might be differences, and maybe pique
    your interest enough to maybe think about possible career growth in the future.
     On the other hand, you might feel the need to understand the contrasts so that you can
    make an informed career decision or simply choose one term to use to prove that you are
    worth your salt.

    8. Learning Coding

    So, what are the options that you have when it comes to learning how to code?
     Enrolling in an online course where you learn at your own pace takes off the pressure to
    build a new skill, especially if you’re juggling it with work and other responsibilities.
     On the other hand, learning via a bootcamp or in a more traditional school setting gives
    you the focus that you need to build coding skills within a shorter period of time.
     You also benefit from building networks with fellow learners and learning to collaborate
    better, depending on how the program is structured.
     Whichever path you choose, it is beneficial to “test the waters “and see whether you
    might be intrigued by what you learn before investing your time and money in becoming a

    9. Learning Paths

    However, there are pros and cons to both paths. Accordingly, you can take other Learning paths
     On the flip side, it’s likely to take longer to build coding skills.
     Moreover, you need to be disciplined and consistent to keep learning by yourself.
    Or,You can get a sneak-peak of the first lesson in a video that teaches you how to start
    coding with HTML and CSS.
     You can get a hands-on introduction to web development and build your first website
    from scratch.

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    Source: https://careerfoundry.com/en/blog/web-development/coding-vs-programming/

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