Web Based CRM

Simply put, a CRM system ensures businesses have everything needed to run sales & marketing and to create effective customer relationships and manage it all at one place.



  • Catch lead opportunities
  • Automate sales activities & tasks
  • Enhance workflow
  • Prioritize & rank both activities and customers
  • Read easily all what’s going on regarding sales effort
  • More personal contacts = more effectiveness
  • Increase ROI

Highlighted Features

  • Import visitor data from your website to your CRM for prospects haunting 
  • Create contact strategies 
  • Assign automatically a sales representative to a specific lead or customer
  • Send mass e-mails
  • Track & measure marketing activities
  • Check for Reports & Dashboards where you can see where customers are in the sales cycle (according to sales deal, history …) 
  • Track competitor information as well
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Link your leads or prospects’ social media profile into CRM system to send them invitations and engage with them
  • Retain customers’ emails
  • Make phone calls within CRM and track details and conversation duration
  • Minimal scrolling. Minimal searching
  • Synchronization of contacts
  • Flexible calendaring & event management
  • Lead & contact management
  • Workflow automation/ marketing automation
  • CRM analytics
  • Multiple currencies
  • Auto-email responders, email opt out
  • Inventory management: products, pricing, sales quotes, sales & purchase orders, invoices …
  • Share folders & attach documents


Our CRM system is one of the most innovative and practical solutions to your relationship management facilitations – powerful, yet simple & easy to manage sales, prospects & customers, marketing, inventory & support- all in a unique system.