Web Based ERP

ERP system is open-source, entirely web-based, requiring only a web-browser and pdf reader. It is a complete accounting and business management system, designed and developed specifically to deliver a wide range of features suitable for different businesses. Not only that, but it could also be transformed into a multi-branch retail management system. Scripts are easily read and modified by businesses when needed so they can add features as well.




  • Internal and external information integration in one solution
  • One standardized application to run an entire business, instead of multiple duplicating databases
  • Reduction in operational costs due to the decrease in the cost of ownership, thus increased profitability
  • Tighter financial control
  • Managing projects effectively
  • Alignment to customer demands and the delivery of a centralized buying model
  • Automation of business processes (invoicing, sales, purchase orders…)
  • Forecasting accuracy and inefficiency reduction
  • Improved levels of service due to a single base for all billing information and customer interaction.
  • Customer retention


What does this system tackle?


The app manages a multitude of business activities including:

  • Stock management
  • Storekeeping
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting (Receipts/payments, asset control…)
  • Maintenance services (call center, installations, warranties…)
  • Clients operations (Inquiries with multiple quotations)
  • Suppliers operations (Multi receive orders)
  • Reports & statistics
  • Data management Pre-defined issues (banks, insurance, termination…)

Highlighted Features


All reports and scripts are easily followed and modifiable. Compatible with any web-server that uses PHP

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-theme
  • Each user acquires limited access to certain functions within his role strictly. Any other function to which the user is not allowed will not be shown
  • Location of inventories can also be restricted to specific users
  • Each salesperson is limited to access his/her own customer-related options
  • All information is safely encrypted
  • Any third attempt to access an account with a wrong password will directly lead to the account being blocked until the Administrator unblocks it
  • Inbuilt security
  • A track of all the users’ activities on the system are automatically retained
  • Once quotations are entered, they can be made into orders later without the necessity of re-entering
  • Direct invoicing of the order
  • A single order can possess multiple dispatches
  • Each customer order retains a number and a reference to each dispatch
  • Pricing is automatic and by currency
  • Users are able to select the appropriate inventory location
  • Daily sales reports and sales graphs are made easy
  • The invoice can be sent via email to customers
  • Accounting day-to-day operations are made easy: flexible ledger postings, invoice details and credit note, trail of journals for each transaction made, sales analysis reports, currency table, balance sheet, profit or loss statement,
  • Unlimited locations, branches, warehouses, stock quantities
  • Automatic back ordering
  • Stock inventory activities are all maintained and fully traceable by stock items
  • Inventory planning report creation
  • Purchase orders keep a record of all quantities received or invoiced and can also be accessed according to predetermined levels of authorization
  • The system ensures payments are only made for received goods


Our ERP is best practice business management system, fast with minimal traffic, independent, easily readable and modifiable.