Domain &

Domain &

Whenever you are planning for online business or you are planning
to sell your business services using the internet you have to
think about the website development first

Domain & Hosting Providers in Dubai

Dow Group helps you to define your identity online with its domain registration and hosting services! We help you design your website, and define your identity for your clients with precision and quality. Our hosting and domain name registration services will help your prospects to approach you and know your company better.


Shared Hosting

We provide best Shared Hosting services where you can park your domain in very affordable price. Perfect for entry level websites.


VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users.


Dedicated Hosting

We provides Quality brand servers for your hosting needs, Get the fully dedicated hosting. Very  Reliable & Flexible Hosting solution


Cloud Hosting

When it comes to reliability, security & performance , cloud hosting is the best option in which you only have to pay for the resources.


Managed Hosting

We are providing managed hosting services like setup & configurations, hardware replacement, support, patching, updating & monitoring


Co-location Hosting

You can choose “co-locate” hosting option in a colocation center where IP addresses, bandwidth & cooling system will be provided

Rock-solid Domain and Hosting Services

We deliver a professional image to our services with an identity
which creates the right impression for the
growth of your business.

Reliable, Secure & Affordable Domain & Hosting Packages

We make use of Social Media Marketing trends to our advantage by making optimum utility of each platform. Tools include videos, tweets, status messages and so on which attract a huge crowd depending on their tastes.


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We don't just build websites, we build stunning websites that SELLS

At Dow Group we understand our clients’ goals & we seek to identify a creative
strategy and direction that achieves your goals and objectives
whether they involve web design, web development
or an overall marketing strategy.