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Full Width

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It’s nice to fill up the screen

Instead of using a fixed width layout to present your web design with the excessive white space, it may create on larger screen resolutions and the horizontal scroll bar that accompanies it with smaller screen resolutions, carry out a full-width layout web design that takes up the entire space on the page and usually resizes itself to fit the size of the screen that the viewer is viewing it on. It’s a more user-friendly web page design that creates a more immersive web browsing experience.

Being the best web development company in Dubai and a leading web design company in Dubai, we Dow Group enrich our designated clients with websites, web applications, and mobile apps which utilize full width as a design technique that allows media rich sites and sites that display the faded video in the background. We create for our clients’ responsive websites, web applications, and mobile apps smart enough to display just what’s needed, establishing an immense web browsing experience and convergence.