In today’s world, trainings & development has a big role in the industry. MESK MSI believes that great importance on how it helps develop individual is by providing them an excellent trainings with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks and roles competently. We ensure that providing excellent trainings will not only help to increase business efficiency but to make individuals more motivated and competent by increasing their job satisfaction. 
MESK MSI established as training service provider to offer a high quality of Training Services to individuals and organizations in providing Technical & Professional Trainings which will enhance individual’s knowledge & skills to become more efficient, effective & competent.

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Al Fawar Building, 31st Al Muroor Road
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone:+971 2 441 1616, +971 2 441 3279
Fax: +971 2 441 8297
P.O.Box: 33037

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