ERP system

Web Based ERP

ERP system is open-source, entirely web-based, requiring only a web-browser and pdf reader. It is a complete accounting and business management system, designed and developed specifically to deliver a wide range of features suitable for different businesses. Not only that, but it could also be transformed into a multi-branch retail management system. Scripts are easily read and modified by businesses when needed so they can add features as well.


CMS Module

The CMS Module

THE CMS MODULE This system is created to store, organize, control, enrich and publish files or documentation in all sorts of forms (photos, texts, video, statistical data and so on) on web pages but in a very controlled access to the data. A CMS can range from being simple to complex according to demands, by incorporating various features.

web based CRM

Web Based CRM

Simply put, a CRM system ensures businesses have everything needed to run sales & marketing and to create effective customer relationships and manage it all at one place.


The Service Appointment System

The Service Appointment System

The Service Appointment System is an easy cost-effective online booking and central reservation software that facilitates service delivery and aims at improving the quality of the service delivered, which is a crucial factor in today’s highly competitive markets. Distinguish yourself with an impeccable customer service using our Service Appointment System.


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