Trust Paints

It all started in 1988, where TRUST began shaping its fascinating reputation of excellence and quality in manufacturing products that are designed to satisfy the needs of professionals in the architectural and building industry. Today, that reputation is the cornerstone of the company’s continuous success.

TRUST has developed a range of paint and specialist coating products, for residential and commercial buildings that are second to none.

With manufacturing operations in Lebanon, Iraq, Angola, Guinea, Cameroun, Zambia, Cape Verde, RCA, Liberia and Sierra Leone, TRUST is undeniably a leading force in the Middle East and Africa paint market.

TRUST manufactures a wide range of waterborne and solvent borne architectural, protective, wood and decorative coatings. TRUST continues to gain market share through the introduction of an increasing number of product innovations. 

Contact info
• Head Office, Factory and Showroom
Medstar BLDG, Gnah
Tel/Fax: 01-826605
Tel: 01-853593
Mobile: 03-233666 / 70-821272
• Store
Libbos St. Makassed
Tel: 01-308928
Mobile: 03-249006
• Store
Tel: 07-506889
Mobile: 03-249006
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