We are a Branding Agency in Dubai, UAE​

Dow Group is a full-service branding and digital marketing agency located in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in helping businesses build strong brands that resonate with their target audiences by offering services such as web design or social media management to name just some of the many possibilities available at Dow Group! Whether you need help achieving higher search engine rankings for your site so customers find what they’re looking for more easily than before; want our creative team to generate quality content specific towards reaching those interests on every platform imaginable including blogs posts linked externally

How Can We Help?

Let’s talk about how we can help you grow beyond the expectations of your current in-house team. Our marketing and branding specialists will create a brand strategy, and execute campaigns to amplify awareness for YOUR business while staying consistent with what works best For YOU as it relates to growth – all without sacrificing time or energy!

Name, Tagline, Logo

Generally speaking, you need a suitable logo, color palette, bio, boilerplate, and handle. Some businesses change logo styling between networks depending on the allotted photo space and the interests of each network’s audience. Either way, it is important to keep a common thread in your profiles so that people will recognize your brand

Corporate Identity

Reinforcing your brand identity develops with regular use of recognizable elements. When your customers see the consistency in your posts they start recognizing when a post is from you without even seeing your logo or social media handle.

Our advice

This sort of brand recognition is the chief goal for your social media branding strategy. You must reach a phase where your followers will be able to identify your brand’s unique approach to visuals without even seeing the logo or brand name. This means you must have the same colors and fonts displayed in your images, graphics, and videos. Then you should create graphic templates for a similar kind of announcement, launching a product, promo ads, special offers, and so on. And for photos and videos always bear in mind your brand’s artistic and color selections.

  • Formulate various marketing personas and select which social media network fits each.
  • Formulate content to fit each persona.
  • Analyze your audience demographics through running queries

Establish your brand voice & tone  

Establishing your brand’s voice & tone starts with putting guidelines for your team making your approach easy, direct, and accessible to everyone in the company. Allowing your team to refer to it when writing anything from marketing text to sales emails. In a way that makes everyone on the same page cutting down repetitive work. Branding is not confined to logos and colors. It is your voice, your imagery, and your targeted viewers. And once you start promoting your branding on social media, you will see your impact through engagement, mentions, and share.  As we “Dow Group” are the best branding agency in dubai why don’t you contact us and let us handle the situation.