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Dow Group offers the best in Dubai web hosting services. We offer a wide range of web hosting services that are designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our services include unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains and email addresses in addition to our award-winning customer support.

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Rigid Host

Rigid Host

Within our family inside Rigid Host, we make you the main concern in our services. Our web hosting solutions are solely dedicated to the betterment of your business; and as a web hosting provider, we make sure that your company will grow with our help. We only oblige to what you want, and we can give you pieces of advice on how you can improve your business, or what’s the best way to enhance your presence online.

Web Security  

SSL can protect you and your consumers’ data and information. If you are an E-commerce website, expect your buyers to look for an SSL from you – because they know that this can guarantee the safety of their private information.

Some web hosts don’t back up their clientele’s websites – surprisingly – but we, at Rigid Host, we will back up your website. We will provide a snapshot of all your websites including your website’s code files, databases, images and all the add-ons, plugins and its theme. We’ll keep it safe for your reference and saved for future use. We’ll use different innovative methods to back up your website to give you a peace of mind, in case of mishaps, and protection, from viruses as well.

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